The following are the most frequently asked questions about Penis-Health:

Will Penis-Health work for me?

Yes. This technique of exercising the penis will work for anyone, at any age, any nationality and even if you are circumcised. You will still see incredible and lasting results from using our exceptional program.

What results can I expect?

Every man whether your present size is 3 inches or 10 inches, will see an amazing result. If you exactly follow the program in a few weeks you should notice a healthier looking fuller penis with up to 1 inch in gain in length.

Is your program safe?

There are no known risks to the exercises contained in our manual. There are no reported side effects and even doctors recommend our techniques. All exercise come with full video and picture support to ensure you are doing the exercises properly.

Are the exercises hard to do?

No. All exercises come with videos and pictures to guide you in learning the exercises. You can then decide a workout plan of your choice. We can even custom design a workout plan for you through our free consultation service.

I do not live in the USA can I get access to this guide?

Yes. You can get access to our guide if you have a credit card no matter what country you are in. You can also pay by money order or cash if you don’t have a credit card. We have members from Africa, Asia, England, Australia and USA.

I have seen other sites why is yours the best?

Penis-Health program works. The 99 percent of the sites out there are nothing but rip off sites. We are the only site that is recommended by doctors; ISA accredited, researched, award winning and independently tested. With Penis-Health you will see larger results in a just a short period of time.

Do I Have to Be A Certain Age or Race to See Gains?

You don’t have to be a certain age, whether you are 18 or 75 the program works to give you a fitter, stronger and healthier penis.

Will Anything Ever Come To My House?

After purchase, you will directly receive a proof e-mail receipt of your purchase, providing you information on how to access our materials. You will never be contacted or sent any sort of mail, e-mail, junk mail or phone calls. We value our customers and not want to interfere or bother with their lives in any way. Nobody will ever know because the purchase is done on a secure server.

What Kind Of Guarantee Do I Have That This Program Will Work?

We give you a complete 6 months guarantee that you will see results in just weeks.