As we all know, one of the biggest problems plaguing the penis enlargement market is the lack of accurate and properly conducted studies that can be used to back up the claims of producers and vendors regarding the effects of their products. While various companies may know from their customers that some product or other is actually working, it is very hard to prove that to prospective buyers, who are nearly always required to take everything on faith alone. However, things are about to change once and for all with the beginning of the first ever clinical trial.

MoreNiche™, one of the leaders of the affiliate Internet marketing industry, has taken the necessary steps to begin a clinical study of its penis enlargement exercises program, called PenisHealth™. This means that the affiliate program now offers webmasters even more earning potential than ever before by preparing to be the first to market a penis enlargement product backed up by an official trial. MoreNiche™ managers believe that the market is ready for a new phase in which proven products will be the most sought after. This is why MoreNiche™ is willing to put its high selling PenisHealth™ program to the test.

The good news for all our current and prospective affiliates is that the clinical trial will be a huge boost to the MoreNiche™ market share as thousands of new customers will be willing to pay hard cash for a solution that’s been proven to work. Offline promotion of this product will get people who never surf adult websites online and searching for it. PenisHealth™ has every chance of becoming the new benchmark of the industry and any marketer willing to promote it stands to make a tidy profit off what will be the only proven service around.

Fifty patients of varying age and race will soon be recruited to try three pre-set PenisHealth™ routines for six months in order to prove or disprove its effectiveness. The preparation stage is almost complete and experts are working to make sure that all data resulting from this study will be able to withstand any scrutiny and that everything will be checked by independent researchers. The measurements will focus on increases in erect and flaccid penis length, increases in erect and flaccid girth, increases in erection hardness, frequency of erections, sexual stamina, sexual libido, confidence and the ability to control ejaculations.

And, as always, MoreNiche™ will continue to offer some of the biggest commissions around. Webmasters can earn more than $40 for every sign up and new marketers joining our ever expanding network are also going to receive a lot of cool bonuses in cash. This is a great money making opportunity for both experienced webmasters and newcomers because a proven product is practically an automatic sale today. Between a product bearing an official approval stamp and one that’s asking you to take a chance on it what do you think customers would choose?