28 July 2004

Announcing the launch of SizeGenics – the incredible new penile enlargement system, guaranteed to lengthen the penis without surgery!

These days it seems like everyone has a pill, pump or gadget that guarantees the growth of the penis. With so many different solutions out there, how does a man who desperately wants to enlarge his penis choose between them all?

SizeGenics is not just the extender. What sets it apart is the fact that is it a total solution for speedy enlargement. Within the course of six months of steady use, SizeGenics can increase the size of the penis by over three inches!

The first part of the program involves the daily wear of the SizeGenics extension device. This comfortable, lightweight device can be worn at any time and is invisible beneath loose trousers. It consists of the base ring, through which the penis is inserted, two adjustment screws which are adjusted to gradually lengthen the penis, and the comfortable end piece with an adjustable strap to hold the glans of the penis securely to the extender. All that is done is the wearing of the device every day throughout the program, turning the adjustment screws according to schedule to lengthen the penis.

This is where many other products stop. However, to increase the rate of enlargement and to help provide for further enlargement of the penis, SizeGenics goes a step further. The SizeGenics program includes supplemental pills to be taken in tandem with the use of the device. These pills aren’t just run of the mill supplements, they are two bottles of proSolution pills. proSolution has been a trusted name in penis enlargement technology for years, and now proSolution and SizeGenics want to give you the size you’ve always imagined.

Also included in the program is a bottle of Volume pills, another trusted name in the penis enlargement market. By taking these supplemental pills along with the use of the SizeGenics device, the rate of size increase dramatically increases, making this program priceless to men who want a longer, more pleasing erection.

The SizeGenics program comes complete with three bottles of pills: two proSolution bottles and one Volume bottle, the SizeGenics extension device, and a written, easy-to-follow program. An incredible value, this entire enlargement solution is priced to fit the budget as well. SizeGenics does not charge for the pills! They are added into the solution at no extra charge!

Why wait to join the millions who have already begun to enlarge their penis? Get started today and achieve the length you’ve always wanted with SizeGenics!