Sex Toys, Surgery and SizeGenetics

Choosing the right penis enlargement solution

There is now an easy, pain free way to enlarge your penis, and prove to your partner that there is more to her sex life than her toys.

Take for example a vibrator. Yes it has the length and gives deep penetration that most women crave, but you can give her more than a quick fix. You can give her the real deal; foreplay, intimacy, and positions that no vibrator can match.

Sex Toys should be used to assist with sexual pleasure not replace the penis.

The question is: how can you safely and quickly enlarge your penis without putting your body at risk?

Surgery? No, no, no. Avoid it like the plague. Why? Well for a start it is extremely dangerous and unreliable. And the results? Will not even be worth it.

Let us break it down for you:

A surgeon separates the suspensory ligament in your penis to enable you to receive a skin advancement. Sounds simple so far? To an extent it is, but this is where the repercussions begin:

  1. You’ll only receive a maximum increase of 1.6cm
  2. By dividing the ligament your surgically enhanced penis will no longer have the support it needs to keep it up, being limp when erect, not really what you would call a solution.
  3. Many men who have had the procedure only look bigger when they are flaccid. The erect penis size after surgery does not increase.
  4. The skin used to increase your penis length will have a poor blood supply, and will eventually die, leaving you with a deep, ulcerated area.
  5. And to top it all, if you also choose to increase your girth, the fat inject into your penis have a high chance of being reabsorbed into your body. Or worse risk becoming uneven and forming a nodule of fat that will make your penis deformed.

So, Are you ready to go have surgery? No?

Would you prefer the SizeGenetics non surgical, pain free solution?

What would you say if we could offer you a different route? One guaranteed to offer you painless permanents penis enlargement in just 24 weeks – would you be able to say no?

Well, at SizeGenetics we can help.

Compared to all the other penis enlargement devices available, at SizeGenetics we can offer you a medical type 1 penis enlargement device that is made to CE standards, it is clinically and medically backed and designed to give you the ultimate usability.

We are confident you’ll be impressed with the results, and so will anyone who you have sex with!

At SizeGenetics we understand that we are just one of many penis enlargement companies on the market claiming to offer results. What makes us different? We can prove it works.

Whereas as other devices and pills just aim to increase your blood flow, our device follows a traction system that enables the cells in your penis to naturally multiply and grow.

And this is not the best of it. When you invest in one of our Full SizeGenetics Systems, you will receive:

  • Our Medical Type 1 device
  • Comfort add-on and spare parts
  • PenisHealth DVD and Online access
  • Real sex for Real people online DVD
  • Seductive Massage online DVD
  • Online access to LoveCentria and 54+ DVD’s filled with a variety of tips and sexual positions, that will have your partner asking for more, more, more

So yes, penis enlargement surgery may look like the #1 choice on the outside, but take a closer look and the risks are simply not worth the few limited gains you’ll make.

But by opting for the SizeGenetics device you can experience more than a 30% increase in length and girth, a natural penis enlargement solution which will bring you greater sexual confidence, deeper sexual pleasure and increased virility in the bedroom. Fantastic!

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