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To be able to adapt under pressure, the human body is cleverly engineered. The device, the penis traction, uses this amazing ability. Through applying a constant traction over the length of the penis, this device will trigger the penis’s growth function. The body which adapts and adjusts to this force begins to nurture bulky, new tissue cells. With this, an enormous increase in both length and girth of your penis is change.

This principle of traction to lengthen fingers or legs and also to cover tissue defects of the face are usually used in contemporary orthopaedic surgery. Over centuries, this principle of traction has also been used to enlarge different parts of the body like in Burma, where the necks of the Giraffe women, or the lips and ears of other African tribes attach weights for elongation.

This extension device is very easy to use. It has a plastic ring that can be fastened to the base of the penis, while a flexible silicone ring is attached to the penis head. It is composed of two adjustable bars sit along side the penis and can be simply adjusted to vary tension from 1.5 to 3.5 lbs. fitted in every size of penis and more important it is not painful.

It can be worn for as many hours as you want, from 2 to 8 hours a day is suggested. It does not matter on the interval length of wear; it is the total time the device is worn that is important. Most of all, the result are all permanent, and once you reach your desired length, the device never needs to be worn again.

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