Hello, my name is George and I want to thank all the people involved in this SizeGenetics thing for helping me turn my life around. I’ve always been obsessed with the size of my penis. It was too small and a constant source of embarrassment for me. I could not manage a sincere laugh when one of the guys said a joke about some man with a small penis. Worse, I thought that all men except me have big penises and that I could never compare with anybody. I had some girlfriends, but most of them left because my penis was too small for them. The others left because I was too self conscious and depressed.

You have no idea what it’s like to have a small penis. My confidence and self esteem were practically zero and I was desperate to find something that would offset this. I kept thinking that I would be like this forever and it drove me mad. I bought myself a bigger car and worked hard to get a highly paid job. I thought that women would respect me more if I were a big shot. Unfortunately I also used to treat men working in my division with contempt and distrust. I realize now that I was trying to make them feel small just to make myself look big by comparison. I wish I would take all that back now.

For a long time I was simply scared to try penis enlargement devices. Aside from refusing to face my problem I was also scared that someone might find out about my penis size and tell everybody else. Then, at a time when I was very depressed, I found SizeGenetics. I didn’t really believe their claims of being able to add inches to my penis, but I thought I might as well try and do something about this problem that was destroying my life. Plus, I was really interested in the generous money back guarantee. I figured I had nothing to lose and, probably, something to gain from this experience.

And everything turned out for the best. After six months of using SizeGenetics, my penis has gained two inches and I feel like a whole new man. Some of the people working with me are amazed at my new attitude and ask me what did I do to gain such a relaxed and positive state of mind. Now I feel far more confident in myself than even before. On a side note, I’m also courting a lovely lady from another division. She is pleased to know that like her and I am more than pleased to know that I won’t let her down in bed. Things are truly looking up for me now, thanks to SizeGenetics.