Men are too busy with their daily tasks during the day they couldn’t find time to be alone. It’s not easy for you to have time, enjoy your life and do something for yourself. The same with wearing wearing SizeGenetics™ and penis enlargements in general, because you have to have free time and privacy to use them especially to those who want to wear their traction device as long as possible.

Men wants extra inches added to their penis as soon as possible that they put themselves at risk. It’s not favorable to put yourself to risk just because you want to maximize you gains in a short period of time. It will just lead you to injuries that can prevent you from wearing SizeGenetics™ device for a while, loss your time and definitely loss your gains.

Many men may have thought that is advisable to wear SizeGenetics™ at night because they can wear it for a long time and others will not notice it underneath their clothes. No! This is definitely a good idea because it is not highly recommended to wear SizeGenetics™ device for more than two hours. And, don’t ever attempt wearing it for eight hours because it is certainly not recommended too.

SizeGenetics™ device at night can get tangled in the sheets or blankets while you’re sleeping. Wearing SizeGenetics™ while sleeping can get you to a serious injury because it can pull your ligaments or tear your tissue. It’s better to avoid that to happen for you not to be embarrassed in your doctor as you explain how you came about that injury.

Lastly, the device might slip all the way off or slip into during the night. No one wants to waste eight hours – and wearing the device at night can mean you have anything to show for the effort. If you really want to see the best results, It is better to use the device during the day under your careful supervision.

SizeGenetics™ can add inches to both your penis length and girth size.