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A Bigger Base or a Bigger Head?

Most people say size matters but does it really? It is true that some women get turned on by large penises. No wonder some men are looking for ways and means to make their penis bigger. This “problem” typical to men has lead to the rise of male enlargement products or paraphernalia.

Male enhancement products are making quite a boom in the industry. Men are patronizing these products because they care about pleasuring their partners in bed. Other men purchase this to bring up their self-esteem for they have small penis size. Whatever the reason for purchasing the product, it all comes down to one issue–pleasure. It’s either pleasuring their partners or boosting their egos, it could be the same thing. Happiness is still the issue.

These male enhancement products profess to make a man’s penis larger. There are different methods that can enhance penis size. A man can either perform some exercises, take pills or use sex toys. Various products yield different results related to sexual satisfaction.

But there are women who would rather have their men to have average sized organs. The reason? An overly huge penis can cause them pain. This is especially true if a man does not know how to handle his partner with care. He just goes “wham-bam-slam” and it’s all over. These kinds of men should learn how to please their partners.

In a conversation with a sexual tone, it is possible that the appearance of a penis will come up. What is more important, a bigger head or a bigger penile base? Most, if not all, would probably answer that a bigger head is important. This statement may be right but it may also be wrong. The important thing is the couple both experience pleasure.

A bigger base is more important than a bigger head. This is what some women will most likely answer. A penis with a bigger head may seem really good to look at. But a penis with a bigger base feels better when getting it on. Why? This is because a woman’s most sensitive sexual organ is the clitoris. The tip of the penis can’t stimulate the clitoris once the penis is already inside. The base therefore will take the role of pleasing the woman. A bigger penile base will most likely brush the clitoris when the man is having sex with his partner. The friction between the penile base and the clitoris will feel absolutely marvelous for the woman.

Besides, there are instances that some couples do not “fit” perfectly. A penis may prove to be too small for a woman’s vagina. At other times, a big penis might not get inside it but this should not hinder their satisfaction. The couple should let their creative juices flow. They may opt to try various positions to find out what sexual position suits them best.