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Penis enlargement as a couple

Since you are reading this article, it’s pretty safe for me to assume that you are not only interested in penis enlargement, but also in finding ways of increasing the effectiveness of your chosen approach and of blending this still unusual pastime in with your current life. Any man starting on a penis enlargement program has to make some choices and to think certain things over. Those who live alone have fewer integration problems because there is no obstacle to performing exercises or wearing a Male Extra system at home. Married men or those living with relatives or friends have to be more careful.

But there is one thing that married men should consider even though it may sound strange at first: how about talking your wife into giving you a hand? Puns and shock aside, you should admit that while this idea may indeed seem farfetched, it’s actually pretty cool. You can start by being very straightforward and sweet to your wife or girlfriend and let her know that you really like it when you do things together as a couple. And, since penis enlargement is really important to you and likely to be just as important to her, suggest that maybe she could help you a little.

Women are caring and nurturing by nature and so you have a good chance that she would consent to help you with this, especially if you make it sound like a game or a secret that only you two share. They are also going to be intrigued by the idea of penis enlargement exercises and will probably want to see what these exercises are all about and maybe a live demonstration. From a live demonstration it’s really a small step to getting her to see what a hands-on session feels like. People are curious by nature and always ready to try new things.

The one thing that you have to remember is to avoid being pushy. If she doesn’t like the idea at the start, don’t try to force her because you’re going to make her hate penis enlargement. Don’t try lame sentimental blackmail schemes (If you really love me, you have to help me) because it’s more likely that she’ll dump you ultra fast rather than to give in to your wishes. So try to be slick instead and to make her think this can be a special thing that you share. If you’re really nice to her, you might be surprised when she agrees to help you.