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Shaving your penis

Things, thoughts and attitudes that had seemed strange a while ago turned out to be very popular in today’s world. Take for instance the new trend of shaving pubic hair. Not many people know that this trend was launched by the Japanese porn industry. Since the law said that the display of pubic hair in a magazine or movie was illegal, models were shown with shaved pubic areas. From Japan, the trend spread to American and European women and, more recently, to men.

It should be mentioned that shaving is quite a good option for any man who is involved in penis enlargement. First of all, getting rid of all that hair makes the penis stand out better than before and, second, there’s no more annoying hair to get in the way when performing your exercises. Think about it: just trim your bush a little and suddenly acquiring the elusive firm grip on the penis shaft is much easier. And there’s no more risk of pulling hairs, which we all know how unpleasant it can be.

The debate around which method for shaving is the best is still far from over. Some say that razors are the best way to go and they are right to a certain extent. The razor lets the user have full control over how much hair goes and which parts are left untouched. On the other hand, using a razor requires quite a lot of dexterity or the help of a third party, which is not always easy to come by.

Thus, you can either go with an old-fashioned razor blade, a modern safety razor, an electric razor or rotary epilators. As you can see, there are lots of products to choose from so go with the one that you’re comfortable with. Electric shavers are very easy to use, but hair will start growing back faster. Rotary epilators are even better at removing hair, but some people don’t like to use them anywhere near their sensitive parts. If you choose classic razors, keep in mind the fact that you need to apply some shaving foam first and some aftershave afterwards in order to keep the itchiness away.

Wax is also a good option, but some men are not that keen to pour hot wax on their most sensitive parts. It’s a matter of personal taste. Waxing is fast and inexpensive, but it can get messy and it’s not well suited to removing hair in a consistent fashion. If you don’t like the idea of hot wax, you could use depilatory creams or powders. The basic principle is to dissolve hair using a mixture of chemicals, which is very easy to handle. On the other hand, depilatory creams and powders may irritate your skin and you should keep in mind that hair is going to grow back very fast.

If you’re interested in getting rid of some hair, but you’re still not convinced that it’s a good idea, then you might wish to try trimming first. The bush will look better and at the same time you don’t have to get the blade close to the skin. Be sure to use some aftershave or soothing cream at the end in order to prevent the post-shave itchiness and the pimples that might rear their ugly heads. Having to explain to someone that those pimples on your private parts were caused by shaving and not by genital herpes is not the best way to start the evening.