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Male Enhancement Reviews, What to Look Out For

Male enhancement is a billion dollar industry and it’s only set to increase – this speaks volumes about how much men value their sexuality. So the merchants and surgeons are making a lot of money. Good for them!

But what do we know about consumer satisfaction and safety measures?

Let’s see what the most hyped products today and how they score on usability, safety and effectiveness. And here there are a few male enhancement products reviews to help you decide what the best thing for you to do:

1. The number one method of choice for people with money in their pockets must be Surgery.
There are a number of techniques used to enlarge the penis starting with the cutting of the ligaments that attach the penis to the body and ending with the injecting of body fat under the penis skin.

Following various types of cosmetic penile enhancement surgery, some men have had to undergo additional operations to correct deformities caused by the initial enlargement procedure. The side effects include scarring, shorter penises instead of longer, pubic hair extending on the base of the penis, low-hanging penis, loss of sensitivity, and bumps, lumps, and clumps of fat. Other complaints include impotence, urinary incontinence and persistent pain.

Then there’s the cost: anywhere from $4,000 to about $10,000 for a typical penis enlargement surgery that doesn’t require additional corrective surgery. Because cosmetic surgery is seldom covered by insurance, you’ll likely have to pay for everything yourself.

It doesn’t really sound like fun.

2. Penis pills, penis patches, creams, lotions, ointments etc
Don’t even bother thinking about them. It’s true that there are a lot of plants out there that can help in case you have an erection issue, but they won’t make your penis longer or thicker. Not to mention that in some cases I would not advise you to use these all-natural products even if you simply want a fuller erection.

It’s almost impossible to go out in the fields, pick up some herbs, dry them out, grind them and then expect to have the same quality every time you do that. Any farmer can tell you that even the same patch of soil won’t yield the same crop quality two years in a row.

Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money on this kind of stuff but if you do feel the need to try them out, at least try to pay by wire transfer or by check. This way you can be sure your credit card is forever safe from dishonest marketers who may try to bill you for products you’ve never ordered and you don’t want to try.

3. Penis pumps, penis extenders and other Male Extra systems.
Penis pumps are trying to break into a pretty exclusive market of systems that have a proven safety history. The fact that the same web site may offer several male enhancement products and mix penis pump and penis extenders or jelqing systems all in one page can be extremely confusing.

Penis pumps are far from safe, unlike “classic” penis extenders, they cost too much and they don’t deliver results. Just like the pills and ointments, you can use a penis vacuum pump every now and then to achieve erection. But they are really tricky to use – too much vacuum and you can permanently damage fine blood vessels that run through the penile tissue. And you really don’t want that.

Penis Male Extra systems (or penis extenders) and jelqing exercises are really great tools to use to achieve more length and girth in your penis. You will have to be careful of course not to get over-zealous and try to accomplish too much within a too short period of time. But you should be safe as long as you stick to the program and to the exercises that accompany the products you’ve bought.

Of course some products are better than others and some manufacturers put a lot more money and time into developing new and improved models of their systems. It’s just a question of finding the perfect product for your needs.

And this is pretty much a complete male enhancement products review, or at least as complete as my own experience allows it to be. Enjoy and stay safe!