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General Advice on Penis Enlargement

Times are changing. A small penis used to be something to be secretly ashamed about, but not anymore. Nowadays a small penis is something to overcome because men can finally do something to change the situation. Penis enlargement is not exactly a new thing. It has been around for centuries, in one form or another, whenever men felt the need to enlarge their penises. The difference is that, today, thousands of men resort to penis enlargement products or services, especially since modern science has done a good job proving and disproving some of the traditional techniques, as well as allowing for a better approach.

Nevertheless, there are certain things every man should know before engaging in penis enlargement. And the first thing on the list is to have patience. Naturally, no man likes to be told that he has to be patient and the result will only show after a couple of weeks. Motivation comes hard when day follows day and the only thing you have to show for your efforts is a slightly sore penis. Still, you should know that persistence pays off results do come in time. Tissue needs time to grow and that many people experience growth spurts and plateaus and that you just need to be patient.

Some beginners, actually most beginners, are very impatient and think that having only one penis enlargement session per day is not enough. However, scheduling two or three penis enlargement sessions per day will simply exhaust the tissues and you won’t see gains faster. Penis enlargement is based on intensity and regularity, which is why performing a routine more than once per day is not as effective as doing it once, but very intensely. The tissues need time to recover and grow in size, just like muscles need to heal after a gym session. Overtraining is never recommended.

Another big problem that beginners spot right away and those veterans know very well is the fact that pubic hair gets in the way of both enlargement exercises and the use of Male Extra systems. There’s always the fear of pulling hair by mistake and causing intense pain, while some men also feel that the hair prevents them from getting a good grip on the base of the shaft. The best thing to do is to clip the hair short or to shave it altogether. No sense in struggling through a session because of the hair. Shaving is a pretty radical decision, but you can always grow it back later.

And hair is not the biggest problem. No man has full control of his penis and, therefore, no man can set it to achieve partial erections on demand. Many times, men find themselves fully erect and unable to perform exercises that require only a partial erection. There is only way of dealing with this and that is to focus on something that doesn’t involve sex (read a magazine or a book, watch TV, think about money or food) and just wait for the erection to subside a little.

And finally, don’t measure your penis too often. Frequent measuring is unlikely to show big gains and can undermine the motivation of a man engaged in penis enlargement. Always remember that it’s your penis and your sex life that are at stake and act accordingly. Rushing can undo weeks of effort and should always be avoided. Getting there is more important than getting there fast.