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How a bigger penis saved my husband and our marriage

Hi! I’m a thirty-something “stay at home” wife and mother from Denver. My husband used to be more than usually shy back when we were dating, but he somehow managed to make it look cute so I didn’t mind. Soon I found out that he had a low opinion of himself because of his average-sized penis. I wasn’t madly in love with him or anything like that, but I had thought that he would make a good husband and father. Although our sex life has never been fantastic, he did turn out a good provider and a proper father for our children and we had a good family life together.

However, I was not content to see our sex life shrinking to a romp in the hay now and then. When we were young we were at least enthusiastic about it and we found many opportunities to have sex. Despite his average size and little experience when it comes to love, I loved sex and like it still. So I turned to the Internet to find a solution to our problematic sex life. I refused to give up on such a pleasurable thing just because our lifestyle is busier than it used to be. I surfed a lot of websites boasting the best and fastest penis enlargement products and techniques ever, but somehow I knew they could not be trusted.

I also learned to stay away from Yohimbe and other dangerous substances, which some producers did not bother to warn their customers about. After a while I came across the Male Extra website and I was very much taken by the thoroughness of their approach to penis enlargement. To my amazement, Male Extra turned out to be not a simple product, but an all around solution featuring a Male Extra system and additional penis exercises that can speed up the results. The minute I had seen the money back guarantee and the endorsements of professional health care people I knew Male Extra was my choice.

Convincing my husband to try Male Extra was not as hard as I though it would be. He did put up some token resistance to save his face, but later he told me he was fed up with being average anyway. Still, he had always been afraid that penis enlargement solutions were scams so he never tried any. He was very glad that I have taken the trouble to find a good penis enlargement technique and we shared a good laugh when he put the Male Extra system on for the first time. Well, we both thought it looked funny. But the results have far surpassed my expectations. He has already gained 1.25 inches and our sex life is starting to feel better than it did 13 years ago. I am a happier mother and wife now and all my friends are amazed by my newfound zest for life.