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Peyronies – an understanding

What would you do if you could offer your body a natural new treatment for Peyronie’s without having to go under the knife? Would you be interested?

Well we have got some great news. At Male Extra we can offer you a medically proven Male Extra system that can correct your curvature by 70%, and at the same time increase your penis size length and girth by 30% – a double reward.

What is peyronie’s?

Peyronie’s is a build up of fibrous tissues on the tunica albuginea of your penis that hardens into a plague around the centre of your penis. And the end result? A penile curvature of up to 30% which in most recorded cases makes sex painful if not impossible to maintain. Yet, this is not the worse of it. If not treated, peyronies can cause impotency.

There is a solution.

Well, in fact there are many. But take a look at any of these procedures more closely and you’ll see what we mean when we say each and every one of them comes with its own flaws:


You will need to take time off work, explain to people why you’re going into hospital and then deal with the side effects off the operation once you finally get out.

With surgery, there is the added risk of causing further deformation to your penis.

Would you believe there are 3 different types? It’s true, and we have to admit they are all fairly unpleasant.

Plication Procedures

During this procedure surgeons attempt to straighten your penis by trying to shorten the longer side to the match the one with the curvature.

Yes, simple and effective this procedure does work. But it has got one clear flaw which we think you’ll agree is a big negative – it essentially shortens your penis when erect.

Not exactly the goal you were searching for. But saying that, there is one possible way to correct it – using a penis enlargement system.

Once you have recovered from surgery this unique Male Extra system could increase your penis size by 2.75 inches – even longer than it was before! But here in lies the next problem. As well as paying for surgery, you will also need to buy a system to correct the surgeries mistake… pricey.

Especially, when there is a much easier solution.

Excision Grafting Procedures

In this procedure, surgeons incise the lump created through the plaque build up and aim to straighten your penis through a reconstruction of the resultant defect. How? Using graft material.

Now although this procedure may come with its initial perks, sooner of later these grafts – due to lack of blood supply – will either begin to contract or cause a deformity.

So despite these initial gains, you are in fact no better off than you were to begin with. And considering that in many cases this surgery can cause impotency, it is not worth the risk.

Prosthetic Implantation Procedures

Probably the most painful of these 3 surgeries, they involve the placement of hollow (inflatable) or semi-rigid silastic cylinders into the corpora cavernosa of your penis – Ouch!

And the end result? A straight penis. Great! But the overall pain… is not even worth mentioning.

Now imagine if you could skip all these procedures and offer you body a pain free solution – without the risk of deformity, without the loss of penis length and without the possibility of impotency.

Well you can.

At Male Extra we can understand your hesitation to invest in a system. After all surely surgery is the best medical path to follow? Well, you’re wrong.

In fact by opting to use surgery you are not only increasing your chances of damaging your penis, but the pain that will ensue will not be worth it. Not when you can offer your body an affordable non-surgical method to fix your bent penis.

Using our type 1 medical system, you can confidently wear our Male Extra system for 2-3 hours a day and experience the permanent results of a 30% penile elongation, plus a 70% correction in your penile curvature.

Not 1 cm. Not 2 cm. But 2.75 inches.

What’s more our system is so comfortable you won’t even realise that you are wearing it.

For only $389.95 you will receive:

• Medical Type 1 system
• Comfort add-on and spare parts
• Male Extra DVD and online access
• Real sex for real people online DVD
• Seductive Massage online DVD
• Online access to LoveCentria and 54+ DVD’s filled with a variety of tips and sexual positions, that will have your partner asking for more, more, more

And in just 24 weeks, you could be enjoying the benefits of a bigger, longer penis, and the knowledge that you attained it all without having to go under the knife.

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