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Size Does Matter

Men give the highest importance on their penis size. For them, size does matter.

There are many methods of increasing the penis size – both the length and girth – which include surgery, pills and dietary supplements and penis Male Extra systems. What ate the pros and cons these methods? Are they worth are time and money?

– Surgery – Nowadays, many medical doctors are encouraging men to engage in penis enlargement by surgery. Surgery is permanent, of course, for good or for worse that is. Through surgery, the penis can be enlarged by an inch or so. The surgeon will cut the ligaments that hold the penis in its usual position to allow the penis to descend. Would you extend your fingers by cutting the ligaments loose? Would they still work as expected?

And after surgery, a penis enlargement system will be used for a few months to achieve a permanent increase in size. What’s the use of undergoing a surgery if a penis enlargement extender will be used afterwards? The procedure may produce a scar tissue, the erection will point down, and the base of the penis will be hairy.

Another surgical technique is known as a dermal implant. Girth and length can be increased by transplanting fat cells from other parts of the body to the penis. As the size of head of the penis cannot be increased the results can be visually rather odd.

Sometimes the distribution of the grafted cells results in clumping and a really nasty appearance!

– Wonder Pill – Some say that pills can make your penis larger in just a few short weeks! Do they really work?

Vitamins are good for you but there’s no pills that won’t increase your penis. Ads stating the amazing, and unbelievable results that can be achieved by using pills conveys an unbelievable thing. No need to waste your time and money. No pill on the market now has done a permanent effect on increasing penis size.

– Penis Stretchers for Penis Enlargement. So, do penis stretchers work?

Penis stretcher systems or penis extenders are systems designed to apply continuous stretching force.

Penis stretcher systems apply traction via bars between an anatomically curved base that fits at the root of the penis, and a band that slips off the head of the penis. If you follow all the instructions, they are definitely safe to use compared to surgery that leaves permanent scars and damaged tissue. Penis stretchers work gentler on your body.

penis stretchers work better than pills! Penis stretcher is an anatomically designed, safe to use, non-invasive system that can really add inches to your penis. You just have to follow the directions be surprise with the great results!