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Anatomy of the Vagina

Both men and women have an internal and external region for their genitalia. This article focuses on the internal and external anatomy of the vagina which can be considered as one of the most interesting and exciting organs that can be found in the female body.

Contrary to what most people think, the vagina is not the first thing that you see in the female genitalia. As we begin from the outside, the outermost part of the female genitalia is the vulva. This is usually covered by the pubic hair which grows from the tissue called mons pubis, although some women or girls prefer to shave their pubic hair. Pubic hair aside, the next part that you will be seeing is a lip-like appearance which most people call the outer lips. These outer lips are really known as Labia Majora and contain fatty tissues that enfold the vulva from the mons pubis to the perineum (an opening that tears during childbirth). The Labia Majora contains sweat and oil glands that emit a certain scent which most people claim to be sexually stimulating. Next to Labia Majora is another set of lips called the Labia Minora or the inner lips that protects the clitoris, urethra, and the vagina.

As you go deeper, you can find a small, oval shaped part of the vagina called the clitoris or the “clit.” This part is adjoined to the labia and seems to be hooded by skin. This small portion of the vagina contains numerous nerve endings that are very sensitive and this one small part contributes a very great deal, since its main function to bring sexual pleasure to women when touched or stimulated. Just below the clitoris is the urethra, which is an opening where the urine passes through. The urethra is not a part of the women’s reproductive progress and is much more connected to the bladder although it is located near the rest of the vaginal parts.

The opening to your vagina is covered by a thin membrane or tissue called the hymen. The intact hymen has been a symbol for virginity and is very thin and sensitive. It can be torn by rigorous activities or through penetration of the penis, vibrators, dildos, and so on. Another opening in the female genitalia is the perineum which is a stretch of skin that goes up to the anus and is where infants come out during labor.

The internal parts of the female genitalia are the vaginal canal where the penis passes through during sexual intercourse and goes to the cervix. The vagina’s size can expand and contract to make way for the size of the penis. The Bartholin’s glands and the hymen glands excrete fluids which serve as lubricants during sexual arousal to keep the vagina moist.

Next is the uterus or better known as the womb where the fetus grows in and held there during pregnancy. On both sides of the uterus are the fallopian tubes where the fertilization of the ova (egg) takes place. These eggs are produced in the ovaries which is another part of the vagina. Aside from ova production, the ovaries are responsible for the production of estrogen and progesterone or the female sex hormones. All of these parts make up the vagina which is the female species’ vital organ in reproduction and copulation.