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At the Edge of a Surgeon’s Knife

A lot of men are preoccupied when it comes to issues concerning their member especially the size issue. Though their member may have a normal structure, the fact remains that bigger is better. A lot of men are hesitant of telling their angst when it comes to the size of their penis but it is a known issue concerning all men and women in all parts of the globe.

One of the methods where men resort for a larger penis is surgery, which usually crop up when all other methods are already used but the condition remains the same — same small penis and same sexual misery.

Are you afraid of the knife? This sounds scary for some men but undergoing penile surgery is a decision they would probably make and follow just to attain better sex life and to satisfy their partner.

Traditionally, surgery uses a technique which includes fatty tissue removal from the patient’s own body and then inserting it in to the penis. Fat cells or graft made up of fatty tissue and skin from the buttock tuck. Over time, the results for both are likely to diminish as the fatty tissue is being absorbed by the patient’s own body.

Penile surgery may cause certain drawbacks and the most common is the formation of lumps due to fat migration. Surgery through fat-injection could create rather lumpy, asymmetrical and unappealing results instead of what a man wants to attain. The injected fat can migrate to other surrounding parts unpredictably like in the center of the shaft, creating lumps and at times may appear irregularly shaped.

Penis shortening may also occur due to the formation of scar tissue that toughens and shrinks after the operation. Downward erection can happen without the penile supporter called suspensory ligaments. Since the operation might take too long, the patient must be under a general anaesthetic which may lead to more risk. Other problems are bleeding, wound problems and infection.

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With the three elements combined, you will surely attain the brink of sexual satisfaction without the unwanted side effects instead of standing at the edge of the knife.