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Condoms and Penis Size

Condoms are probably the safest way to prevent the spread of STDs and also one of the most effective means of avoiding unwanted pregnancies. Around the world, condoms are promoted by NGOs striving to stop AIDS and to teach men and women about family planning and responsible sex. Not everybody agrees with the use of condoms, but they are still the cheapest and easiest way of dealing with STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

However, many men are not very comfortable with buying condoms from pharmacies because they don’t like to inform other people about their private activities. Just thinking about going into a pharmacy or drugstore and asking for condoms, possibly even a female vendor, is enough to make them queasy. They are also afraid that some people might prove judgmental and criticize their choice of using condoms or start joking about it in a malicious manner. This is why condoms are sold in Western countries through vending machines that allow buyers to preserve their privacy. Still, this convenience has triggered a new problem of its own.

Men who avoid buying condoms from pharmacies are also unable to get advice on the features of this or that brand of condoms, especially regarding the length and circumference. This is a very important issue, since buying the wrong size means that the condom will either tear or slide off the penis during sex, thus defeating the very purpose for which condoms are bought. Professional advice is very important because most men have no idea what size of condoms fits them best, while other men can’t even rely on the standard sizes. A recent study conducted in India has shown that the 60 percent of Indian men find standard size condoms too big for them.

Having a small penis is very embarrassing when buying condoms. No man wants to be seen purchasing the smallest size available because of the possible negative opinion of those who happen to be in the store at that moment, while the wide range of colors, shapes and flavors available is enough to baffle anybody. And the feeling of embarrassment is not the exclusive property of men with small penises. Men with larger than average penises are also embarrassed when it comes to identifying the exact size that fits them. Although well-endowed men tend to command the respect of others, it’s still unpleasant to be stared at.

If you are not sure what condom size fits you, then here’s a quick reference guide that will let you identify the right size on the spot. The standard condom sizes used in the Western are small, medium (also known as regular), large and extra large. These sizes translate as follows: small means a length of 6 inches or 15 centimeters and a circumference of 3.9 inches or 9.8 centimeters; medium means a length of 6.5 inches or 16 centimeters and a circumference of 4.1 inches or 10.4 centimeters; large means 7 inches or 17.5 centimeters in length and 4.1 inches or 10.4 centimeters in circumference; extra large is 7.5 to 8 inches or 18.5 to 20 centimeters in length and a circumference of 4.3 inches or 10.8 centimeters at the base and 4.7 inches or 12 centimeters around the glans.