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Different Methods of Penis Enhancement

There are several methods of penis enhancement, all of which provide varying levels of success.

One is the use of Male Extra system. The use of traction to enhance the penis is based on the principle of tensile force and the body’s ability to adapt under such influence. By exposing the cells in the penis chambers to a durable and constant traction, the cells will begin to divide and multiply, thus increasing the tissue mass. This process allows the penis chambers to hold more blood than it could before. As a result, enlargement can be noticed in both length and width (girth) of the penis.

For centuries, this principle of traction has been used to enlarge different parts of the body. Evidence of this is seen in the neck lengthening exploits of the famous Paduang or giraffe (long necked) women hill tribe found in the border of Northern Thailand and Myanmar (Burma), as well as the lip and earlobe stretching practices of certain African tribes.

Natural penis exercise, on the other hand, is by far the most popular and safest method of penis enhancement. It relies on the principle that as cells within an area exposed to frequent motion, they tend to divide and multiply. Constant pressure exerted by the penis exercises helps maintain a high rate of cell division and multiplication that speeds up the enlargement process.

Individually, these methods may be effective. But when used simultaneously with one another, this combination of Male Extra system and exercises can truly produce superior results.

These same methods are found in Male Extra’ all-in-one penis enhancement progress. Male Extra combines all the most effective tools in penile enhancement today. It combines an enlargement system and penis exercises to guarantee larger, fuller, and longer lasting erections and peak sexual performance every time.

Male Extra provides an easy, non-surgical, and break-through solution designed to aid in penile enhancement. It comes at a very competitive price too.