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Generic Penis Enlargement

Just as most women are unhappy with the size of their breasts, so are most men unhappy with the size of their penises. Despite the fact that the vast majority of men are simply average in size, many still think their penises are not big enough. It is unclear whether women would rather sleep with a man sporting a long penis instead of one, especially since studies conducted by various experts have yielded contradictory results.

Still, the widespread feeling of inadequacy has led to the emergence and development of the penis enlargement market. Men looking to offset the stinginess of Mother Nature, or simply to augment their bedroom performance with a bigger erection and a larger penis are flocking to websites promoting every solution ever heard of. The most popular options are penis enlargement pills, for those interested in minimizing risk with natural male enhancement, penis patches and Male Extra systems. Pumps are somewhat out of style these days.

This flood of new products, progresss and solutions has determined us to start our own independent review website as a way of helping customers find the best product available. You wouldn’t want to put your health at risk with pills, patches, systems and surgery that may not be good for you. That’s why we took the trouble to review the most popular male enhancement options.

First and foremost we’d like to say that surgery was the one option outside the scope of our study. The results of such an invasive technique are already hotly debated in journals and over the Internet. Not to mention that the potential side effects of surgery far surpass those of any other penis enhancement solution. Stories of penises looking more like sausages rather than a natural part of the human body, loss of sensation, uneven penis surfaces and scarring are common. Therefore, we decided to stick with the safer options.

After a careful consideration of the most popular solutions available we have come to the conclusion that only one product meets our strict criteria of quality, results and zero reported side effects. (insert the desired ending)

ProSolution Pills – Hands down, the best pills out there. The quality of ingredients is perfect, the hundreds, if not thousands, of satisfied customers are testimony to the product’s effectiveness and there were no side effects reported. Ever. Add to this impressive range of benefits the best money back guarantee in the industry and you have before you the undisputed leader of the male enhancement market.

Penis Health – What can be safer than a program of exercises? No pills, no weights, no pumps. Just exercises that you can do alone, in the privacy of your own home, at a time of your own choosing. And all the exercises are available at a low price through a lifetime subscription. You heard that right! Lifetime! No renewals, no extra fees. Pay once, enjoy it forever.

ProEnhance – This is like having a secret buddy that can help you with your worst problem. The patch goes with you everywhere and stays hidden under your clothes. You can even keep it on in the shower. The slow release of an active herbal substance into your bloodstream gets the job done even when you sleep.

Male Extra – A full progress is the best way to go if you’re serious about penis enlargement. The combination of stretcher and enlargement pills is simply too good to pass. Get your progress now!