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How long

by Peter James

After we get the okay for the first date, there is only one thing going through our mind’s. How long will it be until we have sex? Some women like to have sex on the first date, while others will make you wait until you think your nuts are about ready to explode. Sometimes it can depend on how smooth you are with other times it can depend on how horny she is. Yes, women get horny too. How long did it take you and your ex to make love? That probably can be some indicator about how long it will take to bag the next girl. If it took you years, then I would break out the hand lotion, or learn your moves a little better.

It is hard to believe, but some women like to wait until they are married to have sex. This might seem like forever, but it isn’t. I have known several women who have done this. Waiting until marriage protects their purity. In many religions, this is a must.

The plus side of this is, you will get to bang a virgin. Every man dreams of giving a woman her first sexual experience. I think most of us men have spent most of our lives dreaming of this.

There is a new trend to be a ‘born again virgin’. I’m not sure what this is exactly, it sounds to me like a woman who is unsure about her sexual orientation. If you have had sex, there is no way you can be a virgin. Of course, if you are wacky and forgot to take your meds, anything is possible.

Women are a picky bunch. In the wild this is done to make sure that she is getting the best genes possible. Some women can wait months to have sex. In their minds if they do this, they are testing your love. If she were to put out on the first date, obviously you would want to go out again.

If she makes you wait too long and you are unhappy with it, I would break up. She might think that you are breaking up just about sex, but you are. Women don’t understand it. She will think all you wanted was sex, but she doesn’t understand that you have a need for sex.

The problem is that if you wait too long, any sex is good. If you hadn’t ate for months, a stale piece of bread would taste good. If you continue to eat stale bread all the time, it won’t taste as good. The same way with sex. If you haven’t had any for awhile, even the worst sex is going to feel good. After awhile you will realize the sex isn’t good and you will stop enjoying it.

The best rule of thumb is waiting two months. This will give you the chance for both of you to know if you like each other. Usually at the end of two months you know if the relationship is going to last.
If she has sex with you on the third date, its too hard to call. If you went out and got drunk three times at a loud bar and came home and had sex… Chances are there won’t be much sex after the first time. If on the other hand, you had three great dates filled with conversation and learned a bit about each other, you might get a little more action if you are lucky.

If you have sex on the first date, I wouldn’t look for anymore sex afterwards. Usually this kind of sex is out of lust. Each of you are so horny that you can hardly take it. Feel lucky if you get a call asking you on a second date.

We all have had dates like this in the past. They give you a hand job or allow you to feel them up. No sex, just a little fun foreplay. Usually this type of sex doesn’t last. She is just horny but not horny enough to go all the way. This won’t end up in marriage. Not that you were actually planning on it though.

Waiting for a period of time is the best way to go. If you build up excitement, there will be a great release. If you want the relationship go beyond one bang, then you need to get to know each other a bit. You need to know if this is a girl that you won’t mind waking up next to after a night of great sex.

Take your time. There is no hurry. If you have sex with too many people, you risk getting diseases. Take it slow, enjoy her company and you will get lucky. You will even get a side order of happiness with your wet beaver.