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If having an erectile issue, what should you do?

Deep in the mind of every man lurks a disturbing question about an even more disturbing situation: what do I do if. you know. Whether you are scared that your partner is ready to go and your penis is not or if you feel the penis going soft on you in the middle of a sex session, the fear is the same. There are a few simple tricks that can be used in such unfortunate cases.

First and foremost comes the simplest advice in the world: do not panic. Yes, I know that panic is the first natural reaction of human beings, but it won’t solve a damn thing here. It won’t give you and erection, nor would it keep your penis hard. Not to mention that women are not exactly crazy about men who panic under stress. Why would anybody want to add panic to an already embarrassing situation is beyond me.

So, if you find yourself in one of these situations and you haven’t panicked, it means you still have certain options available. The two ways to go are to act cool or make fun of the whole situation. If your act is convincing enough, your partner will likely be impressed and the incident can leave a rather amusing memory behind.

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