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Steroids Can Shrink a Man’s Penis

Steroids are medically generated substance used for various medical purposes. It is commonly utilized to enhance body growth. Basically, steroids are used by body builders, athletes, and people with active occupations. Some forms of steroids are used in performing surgeries and as pain reliever. The use of steroids requires a prescription from an authorized physician. However, steroids are definitely banned I all sports. In fact, a lot of big name sports personalities have been linked to the use of steroids. Accordingly, the misuse of steroids can lead to a lot of side effects, which causes diseases and even death.

The most common form of steroid is the anabolic steroid. Essentially, steroids promote growth of tissues and muscles. Every man has secretes a hormone called testosterone, which is responsible for the physical growth during puberty. The purpose of anabolic steroids is enhancers to make the androgenic effects possible, which make a man’s sexual features, develop fast. Because of this, a lot of men have used steroids to boost their penis size and erection. However, steroids are expensive, does is not affordable to all men. To remedy this problem, some men take other steroid containing substance.

The use of steroids entails a lot of negative effects to the body. These side effects are described to be severe and can even cause death. Most steroids permanently damage the organs and other parts of the body. The male reproductive organ is one of the most susceptible to the damage caused by steroids. This is because, anabolic like hormones are also produced by the male reproductive organ. The use of steroids can cause temporary and permanent impotence. The effect of steroid is so strong that even increased libido or sexual desire will not make a penis erect. The penis may erect, but it may not really serve its purpose. In essence, the steroids paralyze the ability of the penis to perform its functions.

On the other hand, studies show that there is no direct linkage to penis shrinkage and steroids. Normally, a penis will shrink if man is out of sexual desires. Another reason is that tight underwear may cause the penis to reduce in size. The bad thing is that the steroids may cause the penis to stay shrunk. This is because erection will be a problem and it is the only way for the penis to grow. Others think that the use of steroids could have resulted to a permanent shrinkage. When the damage has been done, every effort to bring back the usual form of the penis will be futile.

With everything said, steroids may not directly cause the shrinkage of a penis. However, the use of steroids may aggravate the situation. Steroids may cause tremendous growth in the body, but the side effects should be more emphasized. A temporary growth may indeed lead to permanent distraction. As advised, would be steroid user must be able to secure the necessary prescriptions from knowledgeable physicians. Provided with the damages that steroid brings, it will be eye opener to all that everything has its advantages and disadvantages.