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The Straighter the Better

The penis is considered as one of the most important organs of men. Statistics show that men are very much affected by the way their penises looks and functions. More often than not, men’s sexuality is defined by their penis. It serves as a tool that satisfies sexual pleasures and desires. In addition, the penis is the one of the most significant organs in promoting procreation. Aside from the size, the shape of the penis is also important for men. A man does anything just to make sure that the shape of his penis will be the shape of his preference. Above all, the shape of the penis can determine the success of a man while having sex.

Normally, the penis of a man is not perfectly straight. Most of the penis shows slight bent and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. There were only rare instances when a man has a penis that has no bents. The curve of the penis can be caused by a lot of factors. The first one, which is genetics, is the most common of them all. Since the genes dictate a man’s physical existence, it is no secret that the shape of a man’s penis will follow that of his ancestors. Same goes to the other aspects like the size and the color. Moreover, an accident can cause the penis to be out of shape. Apparently, the curve might even get worse and permanent. Furthermore, a disease can also called Peyronie’s can cause the penis to curve. This circumstance is very dangerous and needs proper medications before it gets worse.

There are different opinions with regards to the effectivity of a straight penis and a crooked penis while doing sex. Physically, a straight penis does look good and women are more inclined to have sex with someone who has a straight penis. Accordingly, one of the turn offs of women is when they see a penis with a peculiar shape. Women become less enthusiastic when engaging to sex and some even decline the idea. It is very hard to imagine how an odd shaped penis will totally penetrate in a very small vaginal hole. This is one of the reasons why having an extremely curved penis is always a disadvantage. The thing about it is that the sexual intercourse will be very painful both for the man and woman. Indeed, sex is not enjoyable when the pain is felt in the entire session.

The only advantage that a crooked penis has is the sensation that it brings once it has entered the vagina. Accordingly, there is a different feeling and something that provides great satisfaction. Though it is still curable, a curved penis can give a man a lot of trouble. Others say the exercise will work and some even suggested unconventional ways of straightening the penis. All situations point that a straight penis is often preferred than a curved penis. It helps in attracting women and makes every sexual encounters effortless with all satisfaction provided.