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The Varying Sizes of a Flaccid Penis

Measuring days are the true reward of a dedicated user of penis enlargement exercises. It’s on days like these that the results of weeks or months of effort are assessed and gains are measured. But if you think that measuring is as simple as putting a ruler next to your penis, then you still got a thing or two to learn about how the flaccid size of the penis varies. Like no other part of the body, the penis can change its size from one moment to another due to a significant number of factors, such as emotional state, temperature and blood flow.

While the erect size of the penis is stays the same once the blood has filled the two sponge-like tissues called corpora Cavernosa, the flaccid size varies constantly and is not proportional to the erect size. Emotional states, such as seeing a pretty lady in the street, can send a bigger or smaller amount of blood rushing to the penis, without achieving a full erection.

Cold weather makes the penis and testicles shrink in size, while hot summer weather keeps the blood flowing faster. Blood flow to the penis is a very important factor in size. A small increase or decrease in the flow results in a change of size, which is why the penis may appear bigger right after a workout session.

The mean flaccid length of the penis, as reported by the Journal of Urology, is 3.5 inches (8.8 centimeters), but size depends a lot on how the measuring was done. In order to obtain an accurate view of how penis size changes, you should try to measure your penis at 10C (50F) and again at 30C (86F). Try to make all the measurements that track your progress with the enlargement program at the same room temperature.

Consistency is very important in order to have an accurate view of your progress and to avoid possible loss of motivation or enthusiasm over gains that did not happen. We cannot stress enough the need for correct measuring, according to the rules set down by the Male Extra™ program, and for consistency in the other factors that may influence size.

Nevertheless, we know that flaccid size is also important to a man. Erect size is the big prize, but it doesn’t hurt to have a hefty bulge in your pants when flaccid so that ladies can get an eyeful of what’s in store, while also getting respect from other men. This is the reason why Male Extra™ recommends stretching exercises to those interested in building flaccid size. The exercises will make your penis look larger than before even when the temperature drops and tissues shrink.