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To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise?

It is logical to assume that if we randomly pull two women from a crowded street and interview them, one of them might say that she prefers a circumcised man while the other may claim that she wants it otherwise.

Going back on the age-old question, which do women prefer: circumcised or uncircumcised? I had an opportunity to meet Jane (not her real name), a communication student in a southern college. According to her, she prefers her partner to be uncut. “Although I do base my opinion of a man on his big head, not his little one, I have to say that uncircumcised is better because there is more variation. Playing with the skin is like an added benefit, it feels comfortable while he is thrusting also. From my experience, cut penises tends to rub too hard and too much. A little friction is good, but too much can be quite painful. Uncut guys give just the right amount of friction and I like the way the skin moves back and forth in my mouth.”

Meanwhile, Alex a customer service representative prefers circumcised men mainly for hygienic reasons as well as sexual ones. “Based on my previous encounters, cleanliness is important because the penis tastes, smells, and looks more appealing. Plus, spur-of-the-moment sexual activity is more enjoyable with a man who is circumcised, because bathing efforts last for longer periods of time.”

As far as statistics are concerned however, a one-to-one profile will be meaningless. We need to go to a bigger perspective. The bottom line of course is the woman’s personal preferences but considerations on health should not be ignored. On one point, we have pain and shock; and on the other hand, we have pleasure and cleanliness. Women’s preferences in this subject have undoubtedly become more pertinent nowadays than let us say, two decades ago. During that long-ago era, about 90% of the male population in the Western world underwent circumcision but since then, a lot of lobbying has been done to stop this tradition. To date, only about 60% are circumcised for non-religious reasons.

So what are the reasons why women would prefer a circumcised man? If we based it on actual studies, one would be because it moves more smoothly during sex and as a result, both parties derive more enjoyment. Another is on the usage of condoms. Those who are uncircumcised would find it difficult keeping a condom on during actual sex.

In one particular survey conducted by a team of experts, 57% of the respondents said that they preferred circumcised penis because it looked more attractive. On the other hand, 33% preferred the other side. However, out of those unaccounted yet, 11 women said that their ideal male organ would be natural. Let us count out the anti-circumcision lobbyers and the remaining would be six respondents. Six whose “ideal penis” is untouched, so as far as this study is concern, the conviction that men in general are in favor of circumcision is highly exaggerated.

Still on this survey, with regard to oral sex, circumcision reigns supreme. About 80% of men who accepted oral sex were circumcised while the rest were not. Moreover, another study showed that circumcised men gave out more sexual contentment to the women. Among heterosexual men who engaged in sex at least once a month, it was concluded that 83% of those circumcised claimed that their partners achieved the orgasmic state while the remaining 17% claimed that their women did not. Of the uncircumcised, 53% claimed that their bed partners usually achieved climax and 47% revealed never or occasionally.

Before boring you to death with tons of figures, these significant comparative studies done over the years are still assumptions and nowhere near a conclusion. The general statement from women all over England, Singapore, North America, and other places is that circumcised penis wins.

Why did I say that we could safely assume but not definitely conclude? To carve it in stone would be too risky, indeed. There are other studies (done by equally intelligent and capable professionals) that concluded in favor of the uncircumcised. The outcome of these researches is that women are actually more at ease with what they are better acquainted with (and that is the natural). In one of these, what came out was a highly interesting piece of data that bulldozes the belief that circumcised men give “better sex” to women. This study said that 73% of the respondents said that “natural” men thrust more lightly and that their (the women’s) clitoris was in fact better “caressed,” obviously indicating that they enjoyed the sex more.

As far as the definite answer is concerned, the jury is still out although all things considered, we can fearlessly say that the circumcised still holds the edge.