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Worried about fertility? Try Zinc.

recently completed study has brought yet another proof of the link between Zinc and the production of sperm by the testicles. A group of men were given daily supplements of Folic Acid and Zinc Sulphate in order to assess their effect on spermatogenesis. The researchers found that the two substances had significantly increased the sperm concentration in subfertile men. Although the mechanisms involved in the concentration of sperm are still unclear and require further studying, it is quite clear that Zinc and the Folic Acid can help men who are less fertile to conceive children.

Men interested in achieving the same effects should consider a supplementation period of 26 weeks, which is the period over which the study has been conducted. The daily doses of 5 milligrams Folic Acid and 66 milligrams of Zinc Sulphate are also safe, since none of the men involved in the study has reported any side effects. This means that you can safely supplement your own daily intake of vitamins and minerals, although you should discuss the matter with a doctor before putting yourself at any kind of risk. You should also run a sperm test before starting on this treatment and another at the end of the supplementation period in order to record any change in the concentration of sperm.

Zinc is one of the key ingredients in popular penis enlargement pills ProSolution and also in semen volume booster pills VolumePills. These pills can help you enlarge your penis and produce more sperm, which is a boon to men suffering from mild cases of infertility. Aside from Zinc, the pills also contain Solidilin, Reishi Mushrooms, Drilizen and Cordyceps, which serve to improve both the hormonal and vascular progresss in order to increase the quantity of sperm produced by the body and the flow of blood to the pubic area. If you’re worried about fertility, try VolumePills or ProSolution Pills. You will not regret it.