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Best product to grow your penis naturally

There has been many instances identified by the medical community that suggest penis tracktion systems can help where medicine cant. Some of these instances are the peyronies diseas, in other words when a guy’s dick is bent! In cases like this no medicine can work to relieve the fibrous plaque that builds up and messes up the flow of blood in the penis tissue to create a long penis.

Male Extra can help in a situation likes this because it is a work out machine that puts all the right stresses on the penis to encourage muscle and cell growth. Thanks to the repetitive action that puts strain on the penis anyone who uses Male Extra will see their bent penis disappear over time thanks to the incredible penis work out techniques the system uses. It is the only authentic, tried and tested method that American doctors recommend. It is the only way of treating bent penis syndrome and straightening it out but also gaining a long penis in the process.

Restore your sex life to what it used to be by growing your penis to new lengths and also getting rid of your peyronies disease all at the same time! There are people with micro penises that have also been using Size Genetics to gain and add extra inches to their very small penises. As you will learn from our case studies later, Size Genetics is the only tracktion penis exercise system that helps troubleshoot anyone’s problem with a penis disfunction.

Even micro penis syndrome can be a thing of the past if the Male Extra system is put to use through all the right ways to get a long penis. Anyone who suffers from micro penis problems should seriously consider Male Extra for it’s incredible track record that helped treat many patients in clinical trials. You can be the owner of a full and long penis it just takes some time, and a commitment.

The penis enlargement systems works to tell the cells in your body to start reproducing, sort of like how muscle mass tends to build in body builders who put great straign on their muscles in turn making them bigger and larger. Employ the same method that has been clinically tested and approved through tons of trial runs at the FDA, Male Extra is something you can trust as it will give you great results and a long penis.

Sexual frustration – effects on relationships

Sexual frustration – effects on relationshipsclip_image001

How many of us can claim that we haven’t experienced some form of sexual frustration at some point in our relationships? Go on, be honest, not many.

We have all been there, and we have all felt the strain. But ask yourself this: can you pinpoint the cause of where it all began? No?

Most of the time it is something simple: she wants more sex than you – yes it is true, there are vast numbers of women out there who have got a higher sex drive than you; stress or a lack of confidence in your penis size.


And would you believe that this little piece of sexual frustration can lead to increased arguments, unsatisfactory sex and even unfaithfulness?

Not a pretty picture.

clip_image003If you are one of the many men across the UK that are dissatisfied with your penis size, then at Male Extra we can help.

We can offer you a type 1 penis enlargement system that is clinically proven to boost your sexual confidence and increase your penis size by 2.75 inches in just 24 weeks.

And we guarantee that you’ll be impressed with the results.

According to recent studies, 45% of men are unhappy with their penis size. 45% who from earlier as adolescence have felt insecure about the length and girth of their manhood.

Now, if you consider that 50% of the population is male, that leaves you with 13.14 million men who – like you – wish they were bigger.

13.14 million men who no matter the reassurance their partners can give them will continue to feel insecure about their sexual performance.

But you can change that, and at the same time offer your body more. Yes, more than the average 5-6 inch erect penis, but 7-9 inches. Fantastic!


And lets just say, your relationship we soon feel the difference.

But there is more…

When you invest in one of our Male Extra systems, we will give you instant access to over 54 DVD’s filled with advice and tips that will not only spice up your sex life, but will have your partner trading in their vibrator faster than you can blink.

Using Male Extra, you can experience the benefits of:

  • An increased penis length of 30%
  • Longer and more satisfying sex
  • Rock hard erections, 100% fully engorged
  • Penile corrections of up to 70%
  • Increased self confidence.

And sexual frustration… will be a thing of history.

So give yourself the best sex of your life, and the confidence to pursue it. Priced at just £226.11, you can make instant cash savings of £158.98 on our Male Extra Full progress and reap the rewards of a permanently enlarged penis.

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WARNING – Penis Enlargement may lead to sexual superpowers – enjoy!

WARNING Penis Enlargement may lead to sexual superpowers enjoy!

Would you believe that 65% of men are unhappy with their penis size? It’s true. Well, we have got some fantastic news; you don’t have to be one of those guys anymore!

You too can shake away those locker room moments; rid yourself of all the comparisons and feel confident that you’re the guy with the big penis and you’re the guy who puts a smile on this girlfriends face.

And you can begin this today.

Your past insecurities will soon become a thing of the past.

What would you say if we told that you could start to improve your confidence and be on your way to a bigger penis in just 7 days? Then after 24 weeks you can have the big penis you have always wanted without the pain or risk of surgery – would you be interested?

Using our non surgical unique Male Extra system, you can experience a penis growth of over 30%. Not 1cm. Not 2cm, but 2.75 inches from just 2-3 hours wear a day.

And we think you’ll be impressed with the difference it can make to your self esteem. The grin on your partners face when they experience your bigger, thicker penis will boost your confidence alone.

Not only will you get your partner experimenting with new and exciting positions, but you’ll be feeling the benefits of your new found confidence EVERYWHERE.

Our system can give you more than a bigger penis, but increased stamina, heightened orgasms, plus the satisfaction of watching your partner ditch their vibrator for more one on one time with you.

And stress… that will be a thing of the past with your new libido.

Using Male Extra, you can experience:

· An increased penis length of 30%

· Longer and more satisfying sex

· Rock hard erections, 100% fully engorged

· Penile corrections of up to 70%

· Increased self confidence.

And the stamina to keep her awake for hours.

In just 24 weeks, you can achieve a penis length of 7-9 inches, and your sex life… you’ll have the best sex of your life, again and again and again!

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Financial Stress – effects on sex

Financial Stress – effects on sex

Unsatisfying sex and disappointment will then lead to arguments, unhappiness and sometimes even unfaithfulness. Things don’t have to get that bad, you can enlarge your penis and spice up your sex life.

You won’t need to find money for flowers and fancy restaurants when you can stay home and have heart pounding, name screaming sex, all thanks to your Male Extra penis enlarger.

It is not surprising that many of you are taking the current economic crisis into the bedroom.

Everything is going up in price, especially oil and food, but not the Male Extra penis enlarger.

For a limited time only we you can claim your $50 Discount on the clinically proven penis enlargement progress. That’s an extra $50 in your pocket to help you out in this difficult time.

At Male Extra, we understand how important sex is, especially in a financial climate such as today. Everything you spend counts, but your sex life shouldn’t have to suffer for it, and good sex acts as a way to relieve stress.

These are the times which really test a relationship. Who would have thought that money can have a profound effect upon your sex life, or even cause a lack of sex?

It’s a fact, increased stress, can lead to decreased sexual performance and for a guy with a small penis, this just adds to the problem.

When you buy the Male Extra penis enlarger you can have the penis size you have always wanted and have the best sex of your life, again and again and again!

By using our type 1 medically approved penis enlarger system, you can sit back, relax and witness the gratifying pleasure of seeing your penis increase by 2.75 inches in as little as 24 weeks.

The Male Extra full progress includes:

· Medical Type 1 system

· Comfort add-on and spare parts

· Male Extra DVD and online access

· Real sex for real people online DVD

· Seductive Massage online DVD

· Online access to LoveCentria and 54+ DVD’s filled with a variety of tips and sexual positions, that will have your partner asking for more, more, more

And the benefits? Well they are pretty incredible too.

Using Male Extra, you can experience:

  • An increased penis length of 30%
  • Longer and more satisfying sex
  • Rock hard erections, 100% fully engorged
  • Penile corrections of up to 70%
  • Increased self confidence.

Plus for a limited time only, we are offering all our customers a $50 discount when they buy.

In just 24 weeks, you can achieve a penis length of 7-9 inches, and your sex life… will be better than ever.

So take the stress out of your life, order your Male Extra system today

Women’s Preference – Girl’s like it big

Women’s Preference – Girl’s like it big

Forget what they tell you – women like it big. They want a man oozing with self confidence, and whose sexual prowess will make them forget that vibrators, dildo, eggs and rings ever existed. It’s true.

In fact, according to recent surveys women prefer bigger penises more than you prefer bigger breasts. We know. We couldn’t believe it either. Flaccid or erect, women do care.

Enlarge your penis and prove to your partner that you are comfortable with the size of your penis, and everything else… will fall into place.

The proof is in the results.

In a recently published study, of the women who were surveyed the majority of them felt that men with bigger penises were more sexually secure. And this in turn translated into their performance in the bedroom.

Confidence is the key to everything; a bigger penis is the key to confidence.

Well… we have got some fantastic news. You can join them.

Male Extra will provide you with a progress to help you can enlarge your penis without pain, without the surgery… all in 24 weeks.

We can offer you a type 1 penis enlargement system that is clinically proven to increase your penis size by 30% – 2.75 inches.

So if you are one of the 65% of men who are unhappy with their penis size; when you use our simple clever system, you can permanently elongate your penis, and become your partners new sex toy.

And at an easy 6-9 inches, you’ll be more than a traditional vibrator. You’ll be the real deal and she’ll know it.

But there’s more…

When you invest in one our Full Male Extra progresss, we will give you instant access to 54+ Online DVD’s (through LoveCentria), that are filled with such a diversity of tips and sexual positions, your partner will be grinning from ear to ear when she tries them.

  • An increased penis length/girth of 30%
  • Longer, more satisfying sex
  • Increased self confidence.
  • And the stamina to keep her awake for hours.

So give yourself the best sex of your life, and make her sex toy days a thing of the past. We guarantee, once she sees the new you she will be trading in her vibrator faster than you can count to ten.

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Sex Toys, Surgery and Male Extra

Sex Toys, Surgery and Male Extra

Choosing the right penis enlargement solution

There is now an easy, pain free way to enlarge your penis, and prove to your partner that there is more to her sex life than her toys.

Take for example a vibrator. Yes it has the length and gives deep penetration that most women crave, but you can give her more than a quick fix. You can give her the real deal; foreplay, intimacy, and positions that no vibrator can match.

Sex Toys should be used to assist with sexual pleasure not replace the penis.

The question is: how can you safely and quickly enlarge your penis without putting your body at risk?

Surgery? No, no, no. Avoid it like the plague. Why? Well for a start it is extremely dangerous and unreliable. And the results? Will not even be worth it.

Let us break it down for you:

A surgeon separates the suspensory ligament in your penis to enable you to receive a skin advancement. Sounds simple so far? To an extent it is, but this is where the repercussions begin:

  1. You’ll only receive a maximum increase of 1.6cm
  2. By dividing the ligament your surgically enhanced penis will no longer have the support it needs to keep it up, being limp when erect, not really what you would call a solution.
  3. Many men who have had the procedure only look bigger when they are flaccid. The erect penis size after surgery does not increase.
  4. The skin used to increase your penis length will have a poor blood supply, and will eventually die, leaving you with a deep, ulcerated area.
  5. And to top it all, if you also choose to increase your girth, the fat inject into your penis have a high chance of being reabsorbed into your body. Or worse risk becoming uneven and forming a nodule of fat that will make your penis deformed.

So, Are you ready to go have surgery? No?

Would you prefer the Male Extra non surgical, pain free solution?

What would you say if we could offer you a different route? One guaranteed to offer you painless permanents penis enlargement in just 24 weeks – would you be able to say no?

Well, at Male Extra we can help.

Compared to all the other penis enlargement systems available, at Male Extra we can offer you a medical type 1 penis enlargement system that is made to CE standards, it is clinically and medically backed and designed to give you the ultimate usability.

We are confident you’ll be impressed with the results, and so will anyone who you have sex with!

At Male Extra we understand that we are just one of many penis enlargement companies on the market claiming to offer results. What makes us different? We can prove it works.

Whereas as other systems and pills just aim to increase your blood flow, our system follows a traction progress that enables the cells in your penis to naturally multiply and grow.

And this is not the best of it. When you invest in one of our Full Male Extra progresss, you will receive:

  • Our Medical Type 1 system
  • Comfort add-on and spare parts
  • Male Extra DVD and Online access
  • Real sex for Real people online DVD
  • Seductive Massage online DVD
  • Online access to LoveCentria and 54+ DVD’s filled with a variety of tips and sexual positions, that will have your partner asking for more, more, more

So yes, penis enlargement surgery may look like the #1 choice on the outside, but take a closer look and the risks are simply not worth the few limited gains you’ll make.

But by opting for the Male Extra system you can experience more than a 30% increase in length and girth, a natural penis enlargement solution which will bring you greater sexual confidence, deeper sexual pleasure and increased virility in the bedroom. Fantastic!

Order your Male Extra system today

Number 1– Male Extra for fast and easy penis enlargement

If you are looking for quick, effective penis enlargement without the hassles or risks associated with other methods, then our number 1 recommendation for you is the Male Extra progress.

Providing you with a doctor endorsed, clinically proven medical type 1 system, this progress offers you:

· Extra inches fast – in both length and girth

· Straightening of curved or bent penises

· Improved erection hardness

· More control over your ejaculation for longer sex sessions

· Increased self-confidence no matter what the situation

By combining the powerful system with a targeted penis exercise program, Male Extra is offering you the chance to build a longer and thicker penis quickly. This means you can start enjoying life to the full faster with your new found confidence levels.

Click here to buy Male Extra today and start improving your life today

Pills do not enlarge the penis on their own, pumps and weights are too dangerous, surgery is too expensive and cheap systems put your health at risk.

Male Extra relies on none of these. By utilizing the ancient theory of traction that is used in many surgical procedures, this system is able to not only enlarge your penis but also straighten out any curve you may suffer from.

With the Male Extra progress you will receive:

  • A clinically proven, medical type 1 system for safe enlargement
  • The official Male Extra exercise DVD for faster growth
  • Access to Male Extra online for all-round sexual fitness
  • A quality travel bag for enlargement wherever you go
  • 100% 6 month money-back guarantee
  • 24 hour trained customer support

The exercises that are included in the progress to help you reach your size targets even faster and also put an end to problems such as impotence and premature ejaculation. We cannot stress enough how well the two methods work together to give you a bigger and better future.

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Imagine you’re sat at a bar alone. The cold taste of beer runs down the back of your throat as you hear the door open and close behind you. You turn around and standing there is a tall, sexy blonde. She walks over to the bar and sits down next to you. This is your chance.

You casually turn to face her, she glances towards you. Rather than shying away from her like you normally do you smile, look in to her deep blue eyes and say “Can I buy you a drink?”. She accepts and before you know it you are leaving together, heading back to her place for an evening of heated passion.

This is the kind of situation confident men find themselves in time and time again. It may seem hard to believe you could be this man. But the truth is that with a larger penis you can be so supremely confident that you won’t even think twice about making that first move.

It is time to take action. No more putting things off until tomorrow, that is the exact attitude that stops you from becoming who you want to be. No more excuses you want to have a larger penis, you want to be more confident and starting today you can be.

Faster PE with a combination of approaches

The penis enlargement market is big and prospective customers are faced with a multitude of products and progresss to choose from. Most customers are content with choosing one product and count on persistence and the quality of that particular product to get the job done. However, combining two approaches in one progress has a huge impact on your chances of reaching the desired results much faster than usual. We’ll use the Male Extra progress as an example for how using multiple solutions at the same time can do wonders for you.

Male Extra is a penis enlargement progress featuring a Male Extra system and a membership to an online penis enlargement program. The progress is designed to combine the effects of these independent solutions for a very effective male enhancement progress. The Male Extra system is the core of the progress and has been successfully used by many men to turn small and average-sized penises into bigger and meatier ones. While perfectly satisfactory on its own, the system is made even more powerful by the addition enlargement exercises.

The Male Extra website is the best rated penis enlargement exercise program on the market. It is based on sound research and testing and on the feedback of thousands of customers who tried this program over the past years. The combined power of a quality Male Extra system and top rated penis enlargement exercises is far better than using a single product to give you those extra inches. Why waste time waiting for your penis to grow in size, when this excellent combination can do the job in less time and with a much better chance of success? Order today the full Male Extra pack and prepare to unleash the power of a penis enlargement solution designed to be the best.

Threats to Male Fertility

Both a man and the woman need to be healthy in order to produce a child. When a couple cannot conceive a child in a span of one year, they might be having infertility problems. According to research, infertility affects 10% (or about 6.1 million) Americans in the reproductive age. Contrary to myth, infertility is not always a “woman’s problem.” A third of the cases (about 35% are actually due to male infertility factors.

Infertility in men may be caused by many factors such as low sperm count (or nothing at all), ejaculation problems, or “abnormal” sperm, which is said to be malformed and have a short life span.

Generally, your fertility is based upon your general health. If you live a healthy lifestyle, there is a high probability that your sperm will also be healthy. There are quite a number of threats that may affect male fertility. Nicotine, alcohol and drugs (e.g., marijuana and cocaine) are on the top of the list. According to studies, smoking drastically decreases the sperm count and overall health of sperm cells.

Poor diet (malnutrition) can also contribute to male infertility, including deficiency in vitamin C and zinc in your diet. Some diseases (e.g., tuberculosis, fevers, anemia, and mumps in adulthood) and infections are also suspect. These are infections of the reproductive progress such as epididymitis, orchitis, and prostatitis. Some sexually transmitted disease such as chlamydia or gonorrhea also damages the spermatic ducts. You also risk transmitting your disease to your partner causing her to be infertile.

Some medications are also believed to be causes of male infertility. This include cancer-treating agents (e.g., chemotheraphy), anti-fungal medication (ketoconazole), antidiarrheal drug (sulfasalazine), Azulfidine (a drug used to treat ulcerative colitis), and some groups of antibiotics (nitrofurans and macrolides). Likewise, the use of anabolic steroids is also known to cause testicular shrinkage and infertility.

Other threats to male fertility also include testosterone deficiency, trauma or injury to the testes, structural abnormality or blockage in the vas deferens, and varicocele, a varicose vein in the testicle that produces too much heat harming and killing sperm.

Some are also connected to your lifestyle, like excessive stress, overly intense exercise (may lower your sperm count by producing higher levels of adrenal steroid hormones, which lower the amount of testosterone in the body), tight underwear or jogging pants, hot tubs, saunas, or anything that raises the temperature of your scrotum, including overheated vehicles and hot work environments, and exposure to environmental hazards such as pesticides, lead, paint, mercury, benzene, boron, radiation (x-ray), radioactive substances, and heavy metals.

Penis Enlargement – A Test of Endurance

Miracles never happen over night. It takes time and patience to make something good in your life and penis enlargement is not an exception. A lot of men get on the program without a very good idea of what’s involved, in terms of persistence and personal effort and then quit when they understand that gains come at the pace the body sets, not the one they’d like to see. This is usually the point where many quit the penis enlargement program.

This is why penis enlargement can be seen as a test of endurance for any man. The basic idea is to stick to the program, with as few interruptions as possible, until you are satisfied with the results. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using penis enlargement exercises or a Male Extra system, because persistence and willpower is required in both cases just to go through the motions every time. It’s true, however, that men who choose Male Extra systems have an easier time on the program because all they have to do is to strap on the system and let it do its job.

Penis enlargement can get tedious in time and that’s a fact. How many times can you perform a routine before you start getting bored? Even the fact that you’re doing it for your own good doesn’t help too much in the long run. It’s up to you to find ways of motivating yourself in the long run because you know better what makes you tick. Again, users of Male Extra systems are likely to do better because they can do anything while wearing the system: watching TV, doing chores, working. Men who went for exercises can try to stay motivated by frequently changing the supply of porn magazines used to achieve erections during workout sessions.

But endurance tests are meant to be won. The most important thing is to stay focused and motivated even if the whole thing takes weeks or months to get it done. Even if the road seems long and the gains don’t seem to come as fast as you’d like, there’s no reason to despair and quit the program because you will achieve your goals in the end. It might take you one or two weeks beyond what you originally thought, but that’s not much in the end. The goal always makes the effort worth it, so it’s better to simply focus on all the good things that you can do once the program is over.