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Penile Curvature

Peyronie’s Disease, also known as penile curvature, is described as an abnormal bend in the penis that occurs during erection. A man with Peyronie’s Disease has a plaque of hardened tissues in his penis causing a restriction and preventing the penis from expanding correctly during an erection. The result is a curvature at the point of restriction. Though it cannot physically kill anyone, the curvature can actually kill your sex life rather effectively.

Nearly 3 percent of the entire male population is estimated to be afflicted with Peyronie’s Disease. It usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 60, though it’s been known to occur in men as young as 18. Symptoms of this disease include:

• Painful erection makes intercourse difficult or impossible
• Noticeable bend or arc in the penis with erection
• Noticeable narrowing of the diameter of the penis with erection
• Thick band of hard tissue within the penis

Many men with Peyronie’s Disease do not need any treatment. The disease sometimes clears up by itself, although it may take several years. Other men, however, do need treatment. So if you notice a slight bend or arc or in your penis during erection, you should immediately take action before it gets worse. The condition is typically progressive and leads to impotence or inability to have intercourse.

The exact cause of penile curvature is unknown but many researchers believe that the plaque that’s typical of Peyronie’s Disease develops following trauma (hitting or bending the penis) or vigorous sexual activity that causes localized bleeding inside the penis. Other researchers trace it to diabetes, circulatory disorders, or a genetic link.

There are several drug treatments for those suffering from Peyronie’s Disease like Vitamin E or B-complex treatment, steroid and calcium channel blockers injections, and radiation therapy but these are mainly for the reduction of pain. The most well known treatment for the disease however, involves surgery.

And this is where the Male Extra™ progress can help you. The Male Extra system, which is part of the Male Extra™ penis enlargement program, works by forcing the tissue that makes up the penis to expand instead of retracting and increasing the curve. By using the Male Extra system on a regular basis, the men who took part in clinical studies have been able to reduce their curvatures and maintain or increase the size of their penises.

Included in the Male Extra package is a free membership to Male Extra, the penis exercises program featuring a series of exercises designed to decrease the curvature caused by Peyronie’s disease. Members of this program can learn to increase the length and girth of their penises, prevent curvatures and premature ejaculation, and maintain sexual fitness throughout the years.

General Advice on Penis Enlargement

Times are changing. A small penis used to be something to be secretly ashamed about, but not anymore. Nowadays a small penis is something to overcome because men can finally do something to change the situation. Penis enlargement is not exactly a new thing. It has been around for centuries, in one form or another, whenever men felt the need to enlarge their penises. The difference is that, today, thousands of men resort to penis enlargement products or services, especially since modern science has done a good job proving and disproving some of the traditional techniques, as well as allowing for a better approach.

Nevertheless, there are certain things every man should know before engaging in penis enlargement. And the first thing on the list is to have patience. Naturally, no man likes to be told that he has to be patient and the result will only show after a couple of weeks. Motivation comes hard when day follows day and the only thing you have to show for your efforts is a slightly sore penis. Still, you should know that persistence pays off results do come in time. Tissue needs time to grow and that many people experience growth spurts and plateaus and that you just need to be patient.

Some beginners, actually most beginners, are very impatient and think that having only one penis enlargement session per day is not enough. However, scheduling two or three penis enlargement sessions per day will simply exhaust the tissues and you won’t see gains faster. Penis enlargement is based on intensity and regularity, which is why performing a routine more than once per day is not as effective as doing it once, but very intensely. The tissues need time to recover and grow in size, just like muscles need to heal after a gym session. Overtraining is never recommended.

Another big problem that beginners spot right away and those veterans know very well is the fact that pubic hair gets in the way of both enlargement exercises and the use of Male Extra systems. There’s always the fear of pulling hair by mistake and causing intense pain, while some men also feel that the hair prevents them from getting a good grip on the base of the shaft. The best thing to do is to clip the hair short or to shave it altogether. No sense in struggling through a session because of the hair. Shaving is a pretty radical decision, but you can always grow it back later.

And hair is not the biggest problem. No man has full control of his penis and, therefore, no man can set it to achieve partial erections on demand. Many times, men find themselves fully erect and unable to perform exercises that require only a partial erection. There is only way of dealing with this and that is to focus on something that doesn’t involve sex (read a magazine or a book, watch TV, think about money or food) and just wait for the erection to subside a little.

And finally, don’t measure your penis too often. Frequent measuring is unlikely to show big gains and can undermine the motivation of a man engaged in penis enlargement. Always remember that it’s your penis and your sex life that are at stake and act accordingly. Rushing can undo weeks of effort and should always be avoided. Getting there is more important than getting there fast.

Psychological Benefits of a Bigger Penis

One of the surest facts of life is that women are able to read men like books. To be honest, they can read practically anything in our faces and there are men out there who’ve met ladies who could tell the size of their penis, bank account and sex life in only one look. Of course, the look is likely to be followed by the lady’s departure in the opposite direction at full speed. Problem is that failure always leaves a mark on a man’s face. It is also the same with success too. And women are very skilled at reading those marks. It’s even worse when you have a small penis and failure tends to follow failure.

The level of confidence is the first thing women notice about a man because it’s what interests them most. A stoop-shouldered man with a depressed look on his face stands very little chance of actually getting a date from a half decent lady. On the other hand, a bigger than life kind of guy with a confident look in his eyes who walks with a swagger is sure to catch the eye of most women, whether they’re looking for a date or not. He may not get every single pretty babe, but he’ll sure as hell be noticed by each and every one. And nothing gives a man more confidence than a big penis because he can walk around with an “I don’t have a care in the world” kind of aura.

You can bet your life that women notice that. Women don’t care a lot what a man says, since most men like to talk about sports, cars, jobs and… women. But they pay strict attention to the subtle signs in a man’s attitude. Women think: “If he looks confident, then there must be something about him that makes him so confident. This could be interesting”. And a big penis is your ticket to that show of confidence that is not an act or a sham, but the real thing.

Are you suffering from low-confidence and anxiety? Are you afraid that women may look down on you? Then penis enlargement is the solution for you. The minute you stop worrying, it’s their turn to be anxious and a little uncertain of themselves. A big penis has a lot of benefits and practically no downsize. Well, maybe if you decide to increase your penis size to 9 or 10 inches; that would make it a problem for most women. But if you stick to a nice 7 or 8 inches, then you’ll reap all the juicy benefits.

Just think of what a bigger penis means: increased confidence, increased stamina in bed, increased control of your ejaculation, longer sex sessions and more pleasure for you and the lady. Anxiety, depression and low self-esteem have no chance against a big penis and rock-hard erections that last much longer than before. Women will be impressed by the hefty dick that just keeps going, while men will eye the bulge in your pants with envy and respect.

DIY Penis Stretcher

Penis extenders are en-vogue these days. They are so popular that a lot of people have tried to replicate these systems at home. As one forum member pointed out: “Easiest doesn’t always mean safe. Cause the easiest thing I can think of is a rope tied around your head and attached to you leg or some other weight source, but that is not safe at all.” And another: “Easiest in my eyes is sticking your cock in a vacuum cleaner for several hours a day. Not safe though.”

Homemade penis extenders are not a safe option when it comes to penis enlargement. It’s pretty difficult to achieve the kind of smoothly finished surfaces that you will find in professional systems. Not to mention that when it comes to penis extenders proper use, there can be no question that the homemade system will never be perfectly balanced.

What would happen if it pulls more to the right than to the left? No doubt, homemade penis extenders are simple to build and they don’t cost all that much. Plus you can find a lot of information and articles about how to make your very own penis extenders if you read the forums. There is a wealth of information available on these subjects. However, there is little info on what happens when you end up in the emergency room because you’ve attached a rope with weights to your penis.

The most common risks:

– Cuts and bruises. This happens because the materials you use at home do not have the smooth surface needed to protect the very sensitive skin that covers your penis. Cuts and bruises will almost never leave permanent marks on your skin, but they are very, very painful. Not to mention that there can be no question of sexual intercourse during the healing period. To do away with cuts and bruises, just stop whatever it was you were doing and don’t start again. Arnica oil is a great topical agent for bruises, sprains and strains and very helpful with inflammation and pain relief.

– Nerve damages and/or blood vessel damages. This happens when you interrupt the flow of blood for too long a period or when you constrict a sensitive area using more pressure than you should. If you experience any loss in sensations on any part of your penis or if your penis starts to change color to blue-green go to hospital emergency room right away. This is very serious and should be addressed by specialized medical staff.

I do believe that if you want to get great results and be safe all in the same time you should try to buy a certified system, one that has passed a few quality checks before it hit the market. You only have one penis and there’s no point really in taking chances with it using an unsafe system.

Penis extenders do work wonderful and many men are extremely happy for being bold enough to try them. If you want to experience the feeling of having the penis size that really makes you confident in perfect safety, buy a quality system and read the instructions carefully.

Maintaining Your Libido High

There are many factors why the level of libido drops down. Living a modern sedentary lifestyle lessens stamina and puts a strain on muscles and the circulatory progress. People become out of condition and sex session diminishes during the middle age. In the middle age, the risk of diseases and sexual dysfunctions is high affecting partners not to be enthusiastic with sex life again. Men endure sexual dysfunctions as the biggest threats to them in providing the sexual needs of their partners.

To improve the situation, penis enlargement can be of help. If you want to have a great change on your sex life, focus on penis enlargement. It can promote responsibility and harmony between the two partners and bring back the enthusiasm you have before. A man gain confidence if he has a bigger penis and increase his libido as his desire to try out the bigger penis increases.

From the psychological point of view, the bonus to confidence given by penis enlargement is priceless. Sex is in the head for men and women alike. Stimulation must pass first through the brain and the intensity of male response is somewhat a function of confidence in their ability to handle the situation. Therefore, penis enlargement is very much recommended to middle aged couples that are still keen to feel the thrills of youth.

Depression is also bad for sex. The libido drops through the floor during depressions, since it is closely tied to the will to live and reproduce. A depressed person is not particularly keen to live and has low personal energy. Things that were once interesting and enjoyable seem bland and inconsequential. Depression colors everything in shades of gray and sucks the joy out of life.

This also goes for sex, which cannot look in any way exciting to a depressed individual. What’s even worse is the fact that medication recommended for depression is interfering with sex at the physical level. Medication can lead to a significant drop in the sex drive, or to erectile dysfunction. And even if erection is achieved, men taking anti-depressants still run the risk of reaching orgasm very late, or not at all.

Maintaining your libido high is keeping your will to live high. To enjoy life, you have to keep your level of testosterone high by getting plenty of exercise on a regular basis. Don’t forget to eat foods rich in zinc, such as oysters, beans, nuts, whole grains and meat in order to promote the production of sperm. Remember to do all the things you enjoy. Have fun and stay active if you want to gain your interest in sex and maintain your libido high.

Premature Ejaculation: Its Causes and Treatment

The single most common sexual dysfunction in men is premature ejaculation. It is commonly called as “ejaculatio praecox” by health care experts. It has been the problem of most men in their sexual encounters. Premature ejaculation is a lack of ejaculatory control that interferes with sexual or emotional well being in one or both partners. It really affects men emotionally by lessening their self-confidence.

Almost all men experience premature ejaculation at least once in their lives. After all, ejaculatory control is not something men are born with. They have to learn it through practice and repetition but a consistent incidence of premature ejaculation is not to be taken for granted because of its effect on the confidence and emotional well being of men. No man would like to feel humiliated because of the result premature ejaculation brings.

Premature ejaculation has both physical and psychological roots. Recent studies have shown that more than 90 percent of men suffering from premature ejaculation had inherited their dysfunction from parents or grandparents with long-term premature ejaculation records. Doctors associate this dysfunction with a faster than normal neurological response in the pelvic muscles and recommend various exercises designed to improve ejaculatory control. On the psychological side, premature ejaculation can be caused by depression, stress, unrealistic expectations, or the reinforced lack of confidence.

It’s perfectly clear that inexperience is one of the biggest causes of premature ejaculation, followed by a weak PC muscle and a faster than normal neurological response in the pelvic muscles. Well, inexperience can only be cured with more sex, which is something we heartily recommend to everybody, while the muscles located in the pelvic area can be trained as any other muscle in the body to stop acting on their own. The PC muscle stands for the pubococcygeus muscle. This muscle acts as floor to the entire pelvic area of the body, supporting from underneath the weight of organs. It also controls orgasm and prolonged exercising helps men achieve orgasm without ejaculating.

The treatment or prevention of premature ejaculation is possible if you work out and learn to control your PC muscle and it will be no longer your problem. Male Extra™ offers penis exercises like Kegels that will help you enhance ejaculation control. Get rid of this condition, gain your confidence and enjoy your sex life!

Making Your Penis Healthy

Who would not want to keep their body healthy and fit always? People are being conscious about this that they are very careful with choosing healthier food from safe resources and exercising once in a while to maintain the healthy status they need. Some may overdo it and make it really dangerous but health care experts still give credits to men and women who are exerting their efforts just to be healthy.

It just don’t end there, men still have to think also about making their penises healthy. Is it healthy enough to be used in case of emergency? Sex might happen unexpectedly anytime so it will be advantageous for you if your penis is fit and healthy to be ready in any hot action that will happen. You don’t need to worry because there are many ways how you can take care of your penis and keep it in good shape. Keeping your body healthy and fit will maintain the blood flowing correctly through the veins and arteries.

Exercising on a regular basis and eating healthy food will increase your ability to sustain prolonged physical effort and we all know that sex is effort. Junk food brings in a lot of bad cholesterol that clogs your arteries and also a huge amount of excess calories that make you fat. Smoking, frequently drinking large quantities of alcohol, taking recreational drugs and lack of exercising will sap your stamina and also slow down the flow of blood. The ability to achieve and sustain erections depends directly on the proper functioning of the cardiovascular progress. It’s a good idea to avoid junk food and refrain from the excess consumption of alcohol, drugs or tobacco.

To ensure your penile fitness, all you have to do is to exercise it just like how you exercise your muscles. Penis is not a muscle and cannot be exercised along with other parts of the body, so penis must resort to special exercises developed especially for it. Penis exercises can be used for maintaining fitness, preventing or controlling premature ejaculation and increasing the length and girth of the penis. To this end we always recommend the Male Extra™ program of exercises, which is known to hundreds of happy guys as a thorough approach and an effective solution.

Although penis enlargement is quite a rare concept, it is easy to follow and even easier to do. It can be done privately in your bathroom and bedroom where nobody can see you. You can do the exercises for 30 minutes every other day or whenever you see fit. You can perform the exercise targeting premature ejaculation absolutely anywhere while you’re sitting down and nobody can recognize what you’re doing. Making your penis healthy is as easy as making your body healthy.

Manscaping: Male Grooming

Manscaping has been part of the male grooming. It is the act of grooming, shaving or trimming hair of the male body derived from landscaping. It can include shaving a man’s pubic hair in his penile organ – a trend started by the Japanese. In Japan, it is illegal for porn models to show their pubic hair in a magazine or movie so they are required to shave their pubic areas. From that, American and European women followed the trend, even men.

It is advisable for a man to practice shaving especially if he is involved in penis enlargement. He should shave all the annoying hair when doing the exercises to grip the penis shaft easier and prevent the risk of getting hurt when the hair is pulled.

There have been debates around on which best method is the best for shaving. Some say that razors are the best way to go and they are right to a certain extent. The razor lets the user have full control over how much hair goes and which parts are left untouched. On the other hand, using a razor requires quite a lot of dexterity or the help of a third party, which is not always easy to come by.

Thus, you can either go with an old-fashioned razor blade, a modern safety razor, an electric razor or rotary epilators. As you can see, there are lots of products to choose from so go with the one that you’re comfortable with. Electric shavers are very easy to use, but hair will start growing back faster. Rotary epilators are even better at removing hair, but some people don’t like to use them anywhere near their sensitive parts. If you choose classic razors, keep in mind the fact that you need to apply some shaving foam first and some aftershave afterwards in order to keep the itchiness away.

Try wax. It is also a good option, but some men are too conscious to apply hot wax on their most sensitive parts. It’s a matter of personal choice. Waxing is fast and inexpensive, but it can get messy and it’s not well suited to removing hair in a consistent fashion. You could also use depilatory creams or powders. It is dissolving hair using a mixture of chemicals. It is very easy to do but it can irritate your skin and still the hair grows back very fast.

If you don’t like the idea of shaving your pubic hair, you can try trimming it first. It will look good and you don’t need to worry that the blade might cause any trouble to your skin. Using aftershave or soothing cream after shaving will prevent the itchy feeling and pimples. I know you don’t want your partner to think that the pimples in your penis caused by shaving are the same as the pimples caused by the genital herpes.

Penis Enlargement: Do It with Your Partner

Penis enlargement program is very helpful to men. It can help them achieve the additional inches and self-confidence they need only if they follow the instructions. Performing the penis exercises and wearing the Male Extra system can be done easily at home where nobody can see you especially if you’re alone. You have to be careful with this if you’re married or, living with your friends or relatives.

Married men should not worry at all because they can consider asking their wives for help. Why not? It may be an unbelievable idea but there’s no harm in trying. Talk to your wife about it, that you want to do it with her. Tell her how important it is to you, that you’re doing it for her too and she’ll be helping you with all her heart.

Women are caring and nurturing by nature and so you have a good chance that she would consent to help you with this, especially if you make it sound like a game or a secret that only you two share. They are also going to be intrigued by the idea of penis enlargement exercises and will probably want to see what these exercises are all about and maybe a live demonstration. From a live demonstration, it’s really a small step to getting her to see what a hands-on session feels like. People are curious by nature and always ready to try new things.

Remember: don’t be too aggressive. You don’t need to force your partner to like penis enlargement. We all know that not all women are open-minded with this idea. Don’t oblige her to help you neither blackmail her because this can only be the reason why she’ll leave you in the end. What you should do is persuade her about penis enlargement, that it is something both of you should be involved of. In time, she’ll realize how it can be of big help to your relationship that she will understand and be willing to give you the support you need.

Online Natural Male Enhancement Websites

Men dissatisfied with their penis size need not to worry anymore about their problem because there are many natural male enhancement methods being offered nowadays online. The penis enlargement market has widely spread all over the net including its scams. A wealthy information and knowledge on penis enlargement is very accessible in different websites although not all of them are reliable to ask for help.

Getting an erection is not as easy even after you take a pill. You may see full of advertisements on affordable natural male enhancement pills in the Internet but many vanish from the market because they were about as natural as Viagra. Many of the over-the-counter natural male enhancement pills are the same with Viagra or maybe Cialis. If you want to have an improvement in your sex life, that’s not the answer.

A better, more permanent answer would be to look for web sites that offering natural penis enlargement exercises – exercises that will help you increase the length and girth of your penis, and enhance your erection.

A man needs a larger penis to boost his confidence. You can have sex and nurture children and it has nothing to do with how long your penis is – a couple of inches of erect penis are all that takes apparently. But very few people – men or women – would consider that length to be good enough for a satisfying sex life.

A satisfying sex life starts with high levels of confidence and if you need a bigger penis to feel more in control of your life, then you should go for it. Natural penis lengthening exercises work great and are fun to try. And the more you exercise your penis, the better you will be able to control your erection too. There’s no need for harmful chemicals and fake natural pills.

Pills are a weak option for men competing with their small penis. We have to consider that men want a large penis for more intimacy and better sex. Don’t think that your sex life depends on the amount of pills you take because you’re just wasting your time and money. It will not help you gain your confidence.

Life would be better for a man who can control his erection and satisfy his partner each and every time. No need to be ashamed, there’s a reason for you to be proud of your penis. Forget about taking pills because exercising your penis can put you in control of everything and greatly give you vast of confidence you need. And this means an amazing sex life – to love yourself knowing you’ve given your partner the satisfaction she wants!