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Confidence in a Man

Women love their men strong and confident. They want to feel security in his loving embrace, yearning in his kisses and sincerity in their sexual encounters. Women love men who have the strength to stand up to what they believe in and admit to their mistakes.

Confidence. It all starts with the right attitude and positive thinking. You should not let insecurity and doubt cloud your outlook. You should, above all, believe in yourself. How can you exude confidence when you yourself don’t believe in yourself?

Guys shouldn’t think that “this girl is out of my league” or the many what-ifs. (“What if she turns me away?” “What if she already has a boyfriend?”) No, that’s not the way it should be. Develop your confidence and watch as your personality radiates from your words and actions. So how can you build up your confidence?

First of all, appearance matters. You don’t necessarily need to be Hollywood material to score points with the ladies. You don’t need to have Brad Pitt’s boyish good looks, Hugh Grant’s British magnetism or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bulging muscles. You should at least look neat and tidy though. Let your sweet side radiate from within; sometimes, that’s enough to get the girls. It’s the simple things that count. Open doors for her, hail a cab for her, those kind of things. You need not have a white steed and be her knight in shining armor.

Also, girls love bad boys (well, not the abusive and criminal types though). They think that bad boys are more mysterious and exciting. These guys appear as if they are untamed and unpredictable, not afraid of being just themselves or being too nice just to get approval. Women feel that they are a challenge and strive hard to get to know them better. They exude the confidence, individuality, and masculinity that are not found in wusses who act like spineless jellyfish or doormats.

Unlike confident men, the wusses constantly seek approval from women and act desperate and needy. They buy women’s attention by giving them expensive gifts or taking them out to classy restaurants; though they might sound really enjoyable, you should already know that women need more than these.

More importantly, you don’t even need to possess a 12″ pecker to be confident. If you are indeed well-endowed, well then, good for you. Just don’t use it as a pick-up line or use it to strike up a conversation. “I have a foot long schlong, wanna fuck?” That would earn you a nice dirty martini in the face, at the very least.

Of course, a huge member is probably a plus factor; but that doesn’t mean you’re more of a man than others. A real man is one who is responsible enough to get married and raise a good family, who has the strength of character to be a good leader as well as a follower, and who knows what he wants out of life and strives hard to get it.