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How to make your penis look bigger

Not all men are born hung like bulls, which is a pretty sad fact for most of us average guys. But that does not mean that you have to be exposed to the calculating eyes of ladies just as you were born. Men may be average in size, but some are still determined and clever enough to find ways of going round this problem.

So what can you do about it? Well, there are some simple tricks that you should always keep in mind like you keep that pack of condoms at the bottom of your jeans pocket: on a “just in case” basis. The first trick to make your penis look bigger than it is to shave or trim the pubic hair. You may think it to be one the things girls like about you or the secret of your famous endurance, but let me tell you: you want those extra inches, even if they’re just a trick. Pubic hair can sometimes hide the true size of a penis, so out it goes. Or just trim it, as you feel like it.

Another simple trick is to lose weight. Yep, getting rid of that pouch hanging in front of you or shedding part of the fat pad that hides the base of the penis can also provide you with some “magic” extra inches. I don’t think I have to tell you that your penis would look better poking straight out from your pubic area and not fighting to get out fro under your belly. Go for a diet or some exercises. Or both.

The final nice trick is to take a long, hot shower before sex. This will serve to expand the blood vessels and to draw the blood flow to the penis. A slight expansion is likely, as the ensuing arousal will bring even more blood to this area and create the illusion of a bigger penis. Hot, relaxing showers can also be a sexy beginning of your foreplay.

Have fun and stay safe.