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General advice on penis enlargement

And men have struggled to find a solution for this, just like in the case of any other problem. A small penis size does not have to be a problem for long because there is something men can do to change the situation. Penis enlargement is not exactly a new thing. In one form or another, it has been around for centuries wherever men felt the need to enlarge their penises. Today, thousands of men resort to penis enlargement products or services, especially since modern science has done a good job proving and disproving some of the techniques, as well as allowing for a more progressatic approach.

However, any man just starting out wants to know a few things. Although the theory is pretty simple, one can’t just going into the bathroom to exercise or strap a Male Extra system on in the middle of the living room. There are a hundred questions any newbie would like to ask the veterans about how penis enlargement works, what accessories are needed and how long should enlargement sessions be. These are all details, but very important details. These are little problems almost everybody faces on day one of the penis enlargement program.

The first advice any veteran will give to a new comer is to have patience. Of course, nobody likes to be patient and to be told that results won’t show for a couple of weeks. It’s hard to stay motivated when days go by and you have nothing to show for your efforts. Still, persistence pays off and those who have the strength to carry on with the program will find that results do come in time. Keep in mind that tissue needs time to grow and that many people experience growth spurts and plateaus and that you just need to be patient.

Plateaus happen every now and then to almost every man who’s engaged in penis enlargement. Those who are trying to enhance their penis through exercises should simply change their routines. If an exercise doesn’t seem to bring gains anymore, replace it with another exercise. There is no set program; every user is free to come up with his own routine and to experiment with exercises until he finds what’s best for himself.

Some beginners are impatient and think that having more than one penis enlargement session per day would help gains happen faster. However, more than one penis enlargement session per day will simply exhaust the tissues without rushing things up. In this case, it’s the intensity and regularity that counts because doing a routine more than once per day is not as good as doing it once, but very intense. The tissues need time to recover and grow in size, just like muscles need time after a gym session. Overtraining is never recommended.

This category of questions also includes the dilemma of whether longer stretching is better than more repetitions. Frankly, this is mostly a question of whatever works for individuals and not a general rule that can be applied to everyone. Experiment with longer stretching and more reps and see what’s best for you. If more reps do the trick, then go for more reps.

Another problem faced by beginners and old timers alike is the fact that pubic hair gets in the way of both exercises and the use of Male Extra systems. There’s always the fear of inadvertently pulling hair and some men feel they can’t get a good grip on the base of the shaft because of the hair. Well, penis enlargement requires certain sacrifices from users and my advice is to clip the hair short or to shave it altogether. No sense in struggling through a session because of the hair.

And it’s not only hair that gets in the way. The penis is not a precision tool that can be set to achieve partial erections on demand, which is why men sometimes find themselves fully erect and unable to perform exercises that require only a partial erection. The only way of dealing with this is to focus on something else (read a magazine that does not contain porn or a book, watch TV, think about financial problems) and to wait for the erection to subside.

A big mistake that many inexperienced users make is to measure their penises too often. Frequent measuring is unlikely to show big gains and can undermine the motivation of a man engaged in penis enlargement. Since results do come in time, men should not measure their penis more than once every four or five weeks. This may seem to be a long time to wait for results, but less than four weeks is not enough time for tissues to increase in size in a visible manner.

One of the controversial issues that had the penis enlargement community arguing is the issue of ejaculation after workout sessions. Some penis enlargement aficionados have argued that testosterone levels drop sharply after ejaculation, which may hurt gains, while others have said that ejaculation is the hallmark of a healthy sex life, which is, after all, the purpose of penis enlargement. At present, there is no certain way of telling whether ejaculation has a big impact on gains or not.

This issue goes hand in hand with the question of having sex immediately after a workout. It is generally advisable to let at least an hour pass between the end of your workout and sex in order to allow the penis tissues to heal and rebuild before flooding them with blood again. Also, enlargement sessions exhaust the penis and it’s not a good idea to subject it to a second round of physically intensive activity in such a short period of time.

One question that crops up every now and then in the minds of curious newbies is whether drinking water increases penis size or not. The answer is: no, not exactly. If drinking water alone could increase the size of limbs, then one could also gain inches in height or girth at the end of a single day. Hydration helps clean the body as toxins and other substances that cannot be used are dumped into the kidneys and sent out through urine. A body free of toxins is a healthier body and is able to heal itself faster, but that’s about as far as it goes. Simply drinking water cannot increase your penis size.

PC flexes are a popular exercise among the penis enlargement crowd and a very effective one, too. Newbies often wonder if flexes should be performed fast and furious or slow and cool. However, there is no big difference between the two approaches. Going slow will help build resistance to prolonged effort, while the fast approach will help the muscle get used to intense exertion. It all depends on what you’re looking for: short term intensity or stamina.

An interesting way of helping the flow of blood and the healing process in tissues is to use a system known as the Ring of Power. This ring causes a flow of electricity around the base of the penis and testicles in order to stimulate cellular activity, testosterone production and blood flow. If you’re planning to get one, keep in mind that such systems do not work in the same manner for everyone. Also keep in mind that your penis skin may not like the contact with zinc or copper. Some users have reported unpleasant rashes.

Prudence is actually a good rule of the thumb for every product that does not come with the endorsement of a professional doctor. Don’t rush in to try every new idea out there because you may regret it. Let others try new products and read what they have to say about them. If the new products sound too good to be true, they may actually be that way. Always be careful when it comes to your health. Stay safe!