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The Life Cycle of Penis Enlargement Gains

Starting with the second week of penis enlargement exercises (and sometimes even with the first week), nearly every user of this enhancement solution is looking for signs of the big pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: gains. Although every man who’s signed up for this program knows that gains are not due to appear for next couple of weeks, there is still hope that, somehow, something special will happen. This impression is fueled by the fact that the penis starts to hang thicker and meatier than usual right from the first weeks because of the extra blood flow.

Nevertheless, every man has his own growth pattern and his own unique genetic heritage that decides how and when his gains are going to show up. Some men are fast growers. They can count on seeing the first gains very early, which turn into slower growth over the following months. Some men, on the other hand, are not going to see improvements for as much as 3 or 4 months, but can add more inches to their penises in time. Penis enlargement is inherently a process that takes a lot of time because tissues do not expand between days.

Another natural thing that many men complain about is the fact that gains are not steady and fixed at a certain monthly amount. The amount gained varies from one month to another; some users report small variations from month to month, while others complain of huge variations over the same period of time. Unfortunately this is not something our program or the users can control. The only thing that users can do about it is to keep performing their routines, maybe changing them up to a certain extent, because the gains will show again.

Every lean period has its counterpart and weeks spent without gains will be compensated by surprising growth spurts later on. Many users of penis enlargement exercises have experienced this and know that it is all part of how the body reacts to the program. Nobody knows why the tissues refuse to expand for a while only to spurt later on, but one thing is for sure: growth spurts are among the best things that can happen to a PE user.

Many users also run into plateaus after being on the program for some time. This is by no means an unusual occurrence and it happens to a lot of men. Plateaus are among the most challenging situations for a man involved in the program because it undercuts the will to go on, which is crucial for every long-term commitment. Nevertheless, the only answer to a prolonged lean period is simply to change the routines by replacing basic exercises with the advanced versions and the advanced ones with expert-level exercises. This change will provide the boost needed to get over the plateau and resume the road to gains.

The bottom line is that penis enlargement takes a large amount of effort, dedication and willpower and that men who wish to succeed should be prepared to go the whole distance. My advice is that men should not despair when gains are a bit slower in coming than they expected because, as much as we’d wish it weren’t so, gains are still up to Mother Nature. The best thing a man can do is to stick to the program, allow for plenty of time for healing, avoid injuries, pay attention to exercises and advance to more difficult exercises in time. This is the path to success.