What are the exact effects of SizeGenetics™ on the penis?
This is the common question of men using the said traction device. The men as users have the right to know how both flaccid and erect gains can be achieved in wearing SizeGenetics™ and performing the PenisHealth™ exercises. The effects of the traction device and enlargement exercises do overlap in certain occasions. They are not completely interchangeable and should not be treated as such.

The main purpose of the traction device is to stretch all the tissues that make up the penis. As the plastic ring and steel rods stretch the penis, the Tunica Albuginea, Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum are all forced to adjust to the new length and to stretch accordingly. The arteries and veins have to grow in size in order to cope with the increased flow of blood that helps the bigger and better erections. Rock hard erections and increased sensitivity of the penis are among the best effects of using SizeGenetics™ correctly.

The SizeGenetics™ device also works upon the ligaments that keep the penis attached to the body. Since the larger plastic ring rests on the pubic area and the stretched penis is supposed to be in its flaccid state, it follows that the ligaments are stretched to a certain extent. But this is not the main area of focus for the traction device. As stated above, its main purpose is to stretch the tissues and, slowly, but surely, to increase the length and girth of the penis up to the size that the user is looking for. The enlargement exercises really help ligaments in this matter.

Unlike the traction device, exercises can be used to attain certain targeted responses from the penis. Length exercises are different from girth exercises. Stretching the ligaments is a subcategory of the length exercises which usually focuses on pure stretching of the penis in order to force the ligaments to adjust to the new situation and expand. Expanded ligaments will allow the penis to hang longer than usual, while still maintaining their usual function. The PenisHealth™ program is designed to take particular care of every aspect of penis enlargement, while the SizeGenetics™ device focuses rather on raw stretching power.

SizeGenetics™ package is a combination of a traction device and exercises that is really useful in helping the user achieve his ultimate goal: extra inches in both length and girth. The user should use the package because it is designed to work together to provide big gains in the shortest period of time.