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Low testosterone levels or testosterone deficiency

Testosterone is chief among the androgens family of hormones and by far the best known of the entire family. The androgens are responsible with the development of masculine characteristics in all vertebrates by binding to androgen receptors. They are in charge of the activity of male sex organs and the emergence and development of secondary sex characteristics, such as the deep voice, the body and facial hair, the broad shoulders and chest, the heavier bone structure, the greater muscle mass and the coarse skin. Testosterone is primarily secreted in the testes and secondarily by the adrenal glands.

The functions of this hormone are so closely linked to the well-being of men, that a dip in the level of testosterone produced by the body is enough to bring about massive changes in an individual. The effect of testosterone deficiency can be readily observed in older males because the levels of hormone in the body decline gradually with age. While low testosterone levels is a temporary phenomenon that can be reversed by using a wide range of drugs containing the hormone, testosterone deficiency means either a drop in the levels of secreted testosterone or a glitch in the absorption progress. Both of these are bad news for males.

Since testosterone is responsible for those physical and psychological traits that make males what they are, a deficiency in production or absorption can trigger a significant change in these traits. Men going through andropause are usually prone to gaining weight, depression and anxiety, bladder and erectile dysfunctions, fatigue and other unpleasant symptoms. This is why we recommend frequent checks of testosterone levels for males above the age of 35. If you are experiencing a temporary dip in testosterone levels, you may want to try the excellent VolumePills or ProSolution Pills. These products are rich in zinc, one of the key substances used by the male reproduction progress, and other natural ingredients designed to stimulate the production of testosterone without endangering the rest of the body. Give VolumePills or ProSolution Pills a chance to help you and you won’t regret it.