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Penis enlargement after 40

As the 30s turn into 40s, a lot of things change in every man’s life. The times of late nights, parties, heavy drinking and smoking are gone and a slower, quieter life takes the place of yesterday’s fun. Such changes are usually depressing and have been known to drive grown men to acting on sudden impulses. Libido starts dropping toward zero and it seems like few of the things that once made life fun and enjoyable are still interesting. Their place is taken by worries, anxiety, depression and the hotly debated, but all too real andropause. However, for those who truly enjoy the pleasures of sex there is no reason to simply give in to the flow of time.

Certain penis enlargement solutions have been designed to overstimulate the male libido and sexual activity in order to compensate for lower natural levels of testosterone or a deficit in the production of this vital hormone. Other solutions focus on promoting the flow of blood to the penis. This serves to compensate the poor normal flow of blood caused either by smoking and drinking or by aging blood vessels. These solutions can easily stop the changes triggered by aging and allow men to maintain a normal and satisfying sex life. At 40 something men are far too young to give up sex. They still have years before them to enjoy the physical side of love.

An untrained penis, that is a penis that is not exercised on a regular basis, will start losing tissue mass after the age of 40. This is why penis enlargement exercises, Male Extra systems, pumps and pills can help keep the penis in shape and delay the shriveling indefinitely. The best part is that men after 40 can easily offset lower stamina with superior experience and a distinguished look. It’s true that many women prefer younger men, but it’s also true that many women (make that many young women) see young men as too insensitive, inexperienced and stupid and are turned on by men at least ten years their seniors. Not to mention that older men also tend to have the money it takes to make a lady feel she is treated right.

So it’s safe to say that men have nothing to lose by keeping their penises in shape. There are lots of women to pick and choose from and enough male enhancement solutions to make sure that your penis will get hard and stay that way long enough to please both you and the lady. There’s no need for any man to feel ashamed for having to resort to penis enlargement solutions. Many of them are perfectly natural and practically mainstream. Besides, no one needs to know about this.