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Masculinity and Manhood

Masculinity is about the size of a man’s penis. For this reason, it is very important to keep it in good shape. This is why most men feel insecure when they perceive that their penis is small.

It is not surprising that most, if not all men are preoccupied with the size of their penis. We understand how men whose cocks are small feel. In our macho-culture world, men with undersized dicks are ostracized. A person with a small penis certainly becomes an object of mockery. Indeed, both men and women value tangible aspects of sexual qualities including length, girth, and shape of penis. This is because macho culture dictates that the penis is a prime symbol of masculinity, dominance, and prowess. Women find men who have larger penis more sexually attractive, just as the latter find the former with bigger breasts more attractive.

No man declines to have high status and power. It follows then, that no man would want small penis.

However, many men are not endowed with big penis. Does this mean that there is no hope for them to enjoy prowess through masculinity? Certainly not! Male Extra opens the opportunity up for all men to experience dominance by enhancing the size of their manhood. It offers the most effective, quick, and economical solution to penis size problems.

Male Extra is an avant-garde progress of penis enlargement. It blends four effective ways of penis enhancement into one powerful program. Male Extra involve the following: penis enhancement system, Volume Pills, ProSolution Pills, and Male membership to gain access to the most effective penis exercises ever designed.

The principle behind penis enhancement through the Male Extra system is that cells divide when subjected to pressure. What this piece of equipment does is to exert pressure on the penile tissues, thereby stretching them and promoting cell division. This stretching effect makes the penile tissues grow heftier. Ultimately, this system elongates and fattens the penis up.

Volume Pills is most beneficial to men who want to reach an intense orgasm and prolong this state. They are mainly responsible for enhancing the amount and quality of semen generated and released. According to research, Volume Pills have special ingredients that make sperm production increase by as much as 500%. This guarantees sexual fulfillment of men and their partners as well.

If you decide to undergo Male Extra program, you automatically become an affiliate of Male, the only site that promotes the best penis exercise. These exercises, when properly performed greatly help in enlarging penis.

Male Extra was carefully designed for your penis enhancement needs. If you don’t feel content with the current size of your manhood, opt for Male Extra. It certainly offers the best program for penile enlargement. Be masculine. Be powerful. Order Male Extra now!