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Penis Enlargement – A Marathon Not A Sprint

We live in the world of instant gratification. Everybody wants things to happen in an instant and everybody is angry when things don’t work out like that, which is pretty often. It seems that people have forgotten to be patient and to give things time to come to fruition. This is especially true when it comes to healthcare and all things related to it because the body does not give instant replies to external demand. Healing and adapting take time and there are no miracle cures that can make you a different man all of a sudden and with no effort on your part.

This is the case with penis enlargement. Regardless of what technique or approach to penis enlargement you have chosen, it can’t be a quick fix because there’s no such thing as a quick fix in this field. Mankind is still very far away from the point when tissues would be made to grow as fast as we need them. It’s no longer science fiction to think of a time when, given enough energy and knowledge about the inner workings of cells, we will be able to make tissues grow at will, make internal organs regenerate in minutes and find cures for all the diseases that plague us today.

Nevertheless, we are still far from that point and we have to work with the tools available at this moment. The point is that penis enlargement needs a few weeks or even months just to get you the first results and show you that you’re on the right track. This is not a quick process, but a rather lengthy endeavor that should be treated as such. Patience is the biggest thing on your side, especially since you are not engaged in a competition with anyone, least of all with yourself. So give yourself the time you need to get the best results.

Many men fail at penis enlargement mainly because they lack patience. There is no point to try to run before you can walk. Rushing into the advanced exercising before mastering the basic moves and before a thorough understanding of the required information is a big mistake. Lack of information leads to bad decisions and bad decision can make you injure yourself. Injuries are especially bad in penis enlargement programs because you have to take a break in order to heal and you also have to abstain from sex for a while (and come up with good excuses about it).

Rest days are very important because they give your body the time to expand the tissues and do the actual increase of penis size. They also let the tissues heal and get back in shape for the next session. We all want to see results as soon as possible, but overworking your penis is not going to help at all. Even bodybuilders know that their muscles need time to heal and grow in size. The same goes for the penis, despite the fact that the penis is tissue and not muscle. Rest is crucial to those all important gains.

The recommended routine looks something like 3 days of exercises and 1 day of rest, followed by 2 days of exercises and 1 day of rest. It all depends on how comfortable you feel with the program and on how you can fit the workouts in your daily schedule. Always remember that there is no point in straining yourself. Penis enlargement is not a sprint, but a marathon which is won by the man who has the stamina, willpower and patience to see the whole thing through. So put the feeling of urgency aside and get ready for a long wait and the awesome prize that comes with it.