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Penis Size and a Man’s Ego

Man and sex are two words that get along so well. In reality, even the most conservative man has a wide idea about sex. In the present society, men are still considered as the dominant figures. Even with the emergence of women, men are still I the forefront of every development in ideas, politics, economics, and all other areas of knowledge. Given these facts, men’s ego is really upon the pedestal. However, not all tangible things and visible situations affect a man’s ego. In most cases, sex is believed to be a major determinant. Although some men are privy about the matter, the truth sex is an important player that distinguishes a man’s ego within the circle of his peers.

The penis is a very important part for men. Some say that when it is lost, then there is no more reason to live. Most men feel that their penises are their guide towards immortality and their ticket to fame. Unfortunately, not all men are that contented with the penis that they have. Anatomy suggests that the size of penis is totally dependent of genetics. Though growth enhancers will help, the feeling of being small still lingers in a man’s mind. More often than not, a man with a small penis will deviate from sex talk or any concerns regarding the use of the penis. A man’s ego is totally washed up once others start to realize that his penis will never be used effectively.

It is normal to have a conception that man’s ego is tantamount to the size of his penis. As always, a man with a huge penis gets all the beautiful girls, and is being the object of every woman conversation. A big penis attracts a lot of women and with the increase in women attachment to is a man’s ego. Studies indicate that even a small penis can satisfy a woman while having sex. However, man’s ego will always contradict to that fact and insists that a huge penis is a necessity. A big penis translates to sexual desires, and a good sex means satisfaction.

In a family, the primary goal of the parents is to procreate. Such is a daunting task ahead of every man who plans to build their own home. In the minds of men, having a lot of children requires a lot of sex. Men believe that the size of the penis plays an important role in encouraging their wives to have sex. A small penis is indeed a problem to all men because enticing their wives to have sex will be hard. Of course, when a wife is dissatisfied, she may blame her husband’s in capacity or the small penis that her husband have.

The penis size is always an important factor to men. Though it may sound physical, the effect of a small penis does its damage psychologically. The size of the penis may not necessarily determine how man is viewed in the society. However, a man cannot deny the fact that size really matters.