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Penis Enlargement Clinical Studies

One of the biggest problems faced by men interested in penis enlargement exercises is the lack of clinical studies that can back up the effectiveness of this technique with incontrovertible data collected according to the scientific standards of our age. Traditionally, those who believe in the power of exercises to change the length and girth of the penis had to make do with their own experiences and the testimonies of other brave souls who defied the conventional wisdom and tried the exercises themselves. This is why, for a long time, information about penis enlargement exercises was limited to word of mouth, hearsay and Internet forums.

The only existing study of the effects of penis enlargement exercises was conducted in the UK by Doctor Brian Richards, author of numerous books and hundreds of articles on sex-related subjects. The study was performed in the late 1970s and it focused on proving or disproving the effectiveness of an enlargement method called the “Chartham Method”. At the end of three months, 87.5 percent of the men forming the group which used the Chartham Method reported gains ranging from .94 inches to 1.4 inches in length and from .55 inches to 1.2 inches in girth. Doctor Richards concluded that the Chartham Method could enable a large percentage of males to improve the size of their penises.

The Chartham Method is no longer used today because the market of penis enlargement solutions provides a host of new approaches, but the general lack of clinical proof of their effectiveness is still an issue. This is why Lativio LLP, owner of the highly successful Male Extra program of exercises, has decided to put its own product to the test and prove once and for all that penis enlargement exercises are more than just hype and scams. The company is supremely confident in the Male Extra program and wishes to show its commitment to providing products and services of the highest quality to its customers.

The Lativio LLP-sponsored study includes 50 volunteers who will be required to perform a forty-minute exercise program four times a week for 4 to 6 months. Each volunteer will perform the exercises at home and will report to a clinic two times per week to fill in a questionnaire, provide feedback and answer a series of questions. Every four weeks, the volunteers will have their penises measured in order to track their progress. The study will focus on the increase in erect and flaccid length and girth, improved erection hardness, increased frequency of erections, better sexual stamina, libido, confidence and control over ejaculations.

A clinically proven program of penis enlargement exercises will help the company remove that last inch of doubt persisting in the minds of many men who are interested in increasing the size of their penises, but would rather be 100 percent sure of the effectiveness of a particular method before trying it. If, as the company hopes, the study proves that the Male Extra program is indeed effective then it will become the first ever clinically proven exercise program. The official recognition means that existing and prospective customers can trust Male Extra to deliver on its promises.