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Penis Enlargement Methods

There are several methods of penis enlargement which provide various levels of success. Here are the brief descriptions of each method, including the major points concerning the safety and effectiveness of each one.

1. Description of Penis Pumps

Penis pumps use vacuum pressure to draw high volumes of blood into the erectile tissue. The erectile tissue swells up with blood to its capacity and this result in a temporary enlargement in penis size.

Effectiveness of PP

Although the progress of penis pumps is the same as natural penis enlargement, in regular application of a pump it does very little to produce permanent enlargement. This is because the vacuum pressure has a negative result on blood circulation to the penis. Throughout the pumping session, the natural blood flow to the penis stops and the penile tissue gradually starves of oxygen. A strong and healthy flow of blood is important for healthy tissue growth and development, and this is something that the use of a penis pump does not achieve.


Using this kind of forced pressure to the penis is inherently dangerous. Capillaries and blood vessels within the penis can break if there’s too much vacuum pressure is applied. Typically, bruising occurs on the penis shaft if capillaries break just beneath the skin.

But the most disadvantage of using a penis pump is its lasting effect on the health of the penile tissue. Because penis pumps have a poor effect on circulation, and even stop blood flow completely during a session.

2. Description of Penis Enlargement Pills

Penis enlargement pills contain a various prosexual herbs that have two major effects. First, they develop circulation and increase blood flow to the penis and second, they stimulate the body into producing high levels of sex hormones such as Testosterone.

Effectiveness of PEP

Penis enlargement pills are unlikely to promote permanent increase in size. They absolutely make your erections much harder and thicker. The results are the same as to when you have a very powerful erection, and your penis seems larger than normal.

But they do not increase blood flow to the penis enough to permanently stretch the erectile tissue.

However, they do have a very positive result if you combine them with natural penis enlargement. Because strong circulation is very important for healthy tissue growth, many men find that the increase in blood flow helps the penis to cure and recover faster after each workout.


The common ingredients of penis enlargement pills are completely safe. However, a lot of pills on the market do contain herb known as Yohimbe, which is considered risky for regular use. Normal intake of this herb can result in symptoms such as anxiety, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate and dizziness.

3. Description of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Actually, penis enlargement surgery involves separate procedures for lengthening and thickening. Lengthening is achieved by cutting the suspensory ligaments that attach the penis to the pubic bone, and releasing the part of the penile shaft normally hidden within the body.

Girth enhancement involves either grafting strips of tissue consisting of skin and the underlying layers of fat, into the penile shaft between the erectile tissue and skin or either injecting liposucted fat taken from the abdomen.

Effectiveness of PES

Cutting the suspensory ligaments usually results in an immediate gain of around an inch in flaccid length. However, at the time of surgery erect length boosts very little. The penis must be extended for a minimum of 8 hours a day over the following months, to achieve increase in erect length.

In a minority of cases, penis enlargement can have the reverse effect and result in penis shortening, due to the development of scar tissue that strengthen and reduces during the healing process. Fat injections can primarily enhance girth by up to 3 inches. However, injected fat be inclined to reabsorbed back into the body over the following months, and there is always a partial loss in girth. Reabsorbtion is also sometimes rough, and the penis is left looking quite lumpy.


Any surgical procedure always involved risks. All possible risks include infections, badly healing wounds and permanent scarring. When done by a very skilled surgeon, the odds of experiencing a total loss of sexual function or extreme penile disfigurement are now quite low, because of the advance in techniques. But these risks and side effects still remain, as mentioned above.

4. Description of Natural Penis Enlargement

To increase the penis size, natural penis enlargement uses only exercise. The penis consists mostly of erectile tissue, and the main function of natural penis enlargement is to enlarge and develop this sponge like tissue through the use of exercises.

As the tissue slowly expands, the overall blood capacity of the penis also develops, and this results to permanent enlargement in both penis length and thickness. Other exercises focus on increasing the ligaments within the penis, allowing the erectile tissue to extend length wise to its maximum.

Effectiveness of NPE

Natural penis enlargement is the most effective way to permanently enlarge penis size, excluding surgery. Erectile tissue reacts to exercise in a very similar way to muscle.

You’ll find that only after a few weeks of exercise, your erections will become much harder and thicker than before, because of the much improved blood flow to the penis. You will have the improved and stretched erectile tissue to its maximum within 3-5 months.


This is the true and safest method of penis enlargement. The only worst that can happen is that your penis can have a minor sore for a day or two if you exercise too much in a workout. But this can be prevented easily by following a technique that demonstrates exactly how much you should be exercising at every stage.

With natural penis enlargement, you have a control of the amount of pressure and force you apply when exercising, and this avoids the type of injuries related with the use of pumps and weights.

The only permanent way to enlarge your penis is to exercise, and at the same time it develop the overall health and fitness of your penis in this way.

Male Extra

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