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What to do if you have penis below 5 inches

Less than 5 inches? Now that’s a problem. Fortunately there are solutions to this one. The first thing to do is to put embarrassment aside and learn the simple ways in which you can offset this drawback. It’s true that there is no way you can make up on the physical side, but there are tricks that can help you hide the real size. And you can also win through sheer confidence and audacity.

If you have a small penis buried in the pubic hair, you can start by shaving or trimming. At this size you want every inch of your penis to show. So get rid of that hair. Nowadays shaving is no longer seen as strange and the mainstream is much more open to such trends.

Another effective trick is to take a hot shower or bath before sex. The hot water will help increase the blood flow and expand the “corpora cavernosa” in your penis. This means that your penis will be able to hold more blood than usual for a certain amount of time. More blood means more inches.

And last of all, you can shed some weight. If your penis is hard to find in the pad of fat located at its base or if it barely shows its head from under your belly then it’s high time you lose some weight. Losing weight will not only make your penis more visible, but it will also give more stamina in sex sessions and keep your heart in better shape.