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The History of Penis Enlargement

Many people believe that the phenomenon of male genital enhancement is a result of changing human sexuality. They believe that men nowadays have suddenly developed a sort of male vanity, probably as a result of heightened sexual activity in present society. However, the above proposition would be entirely false. It can be said that modern society has suddenly acquired a more intense state of sexual activity, the male enhancement is by no means, a novel idea.

As far back as the Ancient Greek period, a special treatment is awarded the male genitalia. Though the ancient Greeks actually preferred small genitals, they nonetheless, exerted extra effort in ensuring that their genitals remained healthy. Their refined tastes led them to view small penises as aesthetically superior over large ones. During this period, young men exercised naked and they protected their genitals by stretching the prepuce over the glans and fastening it, using a ribbon to the penile base.

Around two thousand years ago, the practice of weight hanging began to gain popularity in several tribes in Africa. It has also been proposed that this practice goes as far back as ancient Egypt, wherein the pharaohs themselves used it to increase their sexual enjoyment. Weight hanging simply means hanging systems at the penis’ end in order stretch the tissues that comprise the penis shaft. While this technique has been proven effective in lengthening the penis, it has also resulted in diminished penile girth. Moreover, it has also been shown to result in inadequate blood circulation within the penis cells, depriving them of their much needed supply of oxygen and other nutrients necessary for their survival.

Safer and less drastic methods for male genital enhancement were also developed in ancient times. One is the application or ingestion of herbal aphrodisiacs and the other is the employment of penile exercises. The vast selection of treatments offered by Chinese herbal medicine included ginseng and yohimbe, which are used until the present time to improve penile dimensions and increase the sexual appetite. Pills, patches and topical oils developed at present contain one or a mixture of these herbs to achieve natural and painless penile enhancement. Aside from these sexual effects, these herbal treatments are also known to either prevent or treat conditions like tuberculosis, kidney disorders, heart disorders and diabetes.

The ancient Arabic civilizations also placed a great importance to penile dimensions. Young Arab boys were given lessons in the penile exercise called Jelq, when they are finally coming of age. The Jelq involves massaging the semi-erect penis in a rhythmic and regular manner, enhancing blood pressure within the shaft. The effect of this technique appears in approximately a month, provided that it is done regularly and correctly.

Lastly, in the early 20th century, the penis enlargement pump was invented by an Austrian called Otto Ledever. This marks the beginning of modern equipment use in this area of cosmetic treatment. The penis pump basically creates a vacuum and causes the cells to swell with blood. With prolonged use, this technique was shown to have more lasting results.

These techniques are still present today in various forms. It is important to know the history of penile enlargement in order to have a better perspective of each technique’s background and effectivity. With this in mind, men can ascertain for themselves, which technique will be best suited for their purpose.