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What do most women feel is the perfect size penis and why (8 in length and 6 inches girth)

Asking yourself if size does actually matter is probably not the wisest thing to do. For many men this kind of thoughts lead to depression, drinking bouts, hangovers and hands that stretch toward that bottom drawer that has a gun in it (just joking). But since the answer to this question is one of the big mysteries of mankind, everybody is free to speculate about a possible answer.

The average penis size is 6 inches, which is a bit reassuring for some and quite worrying for others. However, studies have actually provided an answer to the age-old question. It’s not the sort of data you would find just everywhere, but the average size is below what women think of as perfect. I agree that 6-7 inches are perfectly available for successful copulation, which is one of the purposes of sex, but it’s not enough for pleasure.

The perfect size that makes women smile with delight is 8 inches in length and 6 in girth. It’s not that much above the average, but it does make a tremendous difference. Men should take note of this because it is important. Knowledge is a huge bonus, but that’s about all it will ever be. A bonus. If you don’t have the right size, the knowledge is only there to compensate for what’s lacking. Don’t kid yourself that women don’t mind your average size! You had better bring the right-sized penis to bed or else prepare to acquire god-like knowledge about sex.

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