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How to enlarge your balls

Many men wonder if it may be possible to enlarge their testicles. Big testicles hanging under the penis are taken as a sign of manliness, power and virility, which is why men like both their penis and testicles on the large side.

The scrotum is an elastic sac that stretches or shrinks to accommodate bigger or smaller testicles. It also goes up and down in order to protect the testicles or to facilitate spermatogenesis and ejaculation. As men grow older, the testicles start shrinking, much to the embarrassment of some.

However, the scrotum can be made to appear larger and fuller with the help of a simple surgical procedure. Please bear in mind that this procedure is still in its early stages and long-term observation of its effects has not been poss ible yet. The scrotal wall consists of seven separate layers and fat cells from other parts of the body are injected between the layers. It seems that even a small amount of fat can make the testicles look significantly bigger.

This procedure is limited at the moment to men who are not interested in becoming parents, since there is no solid proof that the sperm count is not affected in any way. Also, men who are interested in this procedure should know that an added layer of fat may complicate attempts of finding testicular cancer nodules.

Still, one good news is that fat does not seem to be resorbed by the body. At least that’s the conclusion of early reports. Time will certainly provide more data on the success of this technique.