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What women love in men

This is one of those eternal questions men ask themselves in the, usually, vain attempt to understand women. However, the answer is most of the time simple and plain to see. Women love in men a series of physical traits that are largely common and determined at genetic level and also certain features that vary from one person to another.

The physical side is rather simple since physical beauty is hard-coded in our genes. The tall, handsome man with a deep voice and a style that is practically oozing virility is guaranteed to be a hit with most women. His physical side is good. However, if he says something stupid every time he opens his trap, then it’s quite clear he would have to make do with women who either do not notice or do not care.

But almost any lack of lustre on the physical side can be made up by another skill. Just as the basic physical attraction is almost always guided by the same principles, environment shapes people into different patterns. Some women learn to appreciate men who know how to carry an intelligent conversation and have good manners. Others like men who can cook and are willing to wash the dishes. Others are not interested in anything but sex with as many interesting partners as they can get their hands on. And, finally, some like quiet, well-bred men who will provide for their financial and physical needs for the rest of their lives.

Quite frankly, women like in men about the same things men like in women and for the same reasons, although women do emphasize the personal touch and the social skills. However, they tend to go about it in a different manner, which men find confusing.