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At the end of a training session

Penis enlargement exercises are, for the most part, just like any other kind of workout. They stretch and stress the tissues in order to make them expand and add inches to the length and girth of the penis. The exercises designed to bring the pubococcygeus muscle into shape are actually pushing this muscle beyond its regular tone.

This is why nobody should be surprised that the end of the workout session leaves a strange sensation in the penis, the very same sensation experienced by people working out at the gym. The tissues tingle as the blood flows up and down the penis faster than normal, especially since a small part of the cells making up these tissues have broken down and are in the process of rebuilding. The skin might be a little bruised from the grip, while the increase blood flow makes the penis sensitive to the slightest touch. All these sensations are perfectly normal given the recent workout.

However, there are times when the simple tingling may turn into a dull or sharp pain. This pain is usually a sign that you are doing something wrong and that you need to find out where the problem lies before you manage to injure yourself. The most common mistake made by men who enlarge their penises through exercises is to underestimate the importance of warming up and down.

While it’s true that some men can do without the warm up process, most people should stick to it and make sure they’re doing it correctly. If the penis is not ready for workout, you might end up breaking down far more cells than you intended. The warm down process is also an important part of the workout routine because it is designed to speed up the healing and enlargement phases. Warming down makes sure that the higher than normal blood flow caused by the workout process is maintained for some time in order to heal the tissues.

Another thing that causes pain is greed. Some men are simply pushing themselves too hard in an attempt to force the pace of enlargement. This is plain wrong. The penis is made of tissue, not muscle and it will not respond to exercises as fast as, say, the biceps. Bottom line: don’t be greedy.

There are also honest mistakes. Some things seem like a good idea and then turn out to be less than brilliant. Also, it’s hard to know exactly when to stop when trying a new exercise so another very common cause behind the pain could be inexperience. It takes a while to learn how the penis goes along with a new exercise, so be careful and don’t exaggerate.

And, finally, some men masturbate or have sex right after a workout session. This is not a good idea. The penis needs at least two hours to recover from the exercises. It seems a shame to waste a good erection at the end of the workout, but the penis really needs the rest. A very good idea is to refrain from sex during the night after exercises. If you exercise every other day, you still have at least three days a week to get your pleasure.